Why us?

This season, we give you a good reason to save your pocket money for a summer holiday with friends, family, your partner or on your own. You can grab our early booking (available for limited days), save up to 50% on your sailing trip and earn credits for and from your friends.

Even if you are a late bird, your holiday’s price will still be affordable.

We promise that we won’t ask you to pay for extras. When you book with allinBlusive, you get everything included: transportation from/to the airport, to/from the marina, all meals and drinks, an experienced captain, fuel and mooring fees.

This summer you can enjoy around 30 different beaches. The clearness and the temperature of the sea will be a pleasant surprise. You will discover coasts which are not accessible by road, as well as those that attract hundreds of visitors. You can jump from the boat and join some of the endless beach parties with music by famous DJs.

You are in good hands! We will give you a free cancellation period so you have time to gather your friends and save up money. Early booking is an ideal way to start, as you have 14 days free cancellation and numerous benefits.

You can split your payment in 3 deposits and with the security provided by PayPal. Visit our FAQ page for more information or contact us.


A few days before boarding you will get to know your travel buddies (in case you do not know everyone). Our sailing boats have a capacity for 6-8 people (although we can make special arrangements if your group is larger) so if you haven’t booked a full yacht, it’s great opportunity to make new friends. We encourage you to contact them and set the last details before your trip. Of course, our team will help you all break the ice. The choice of having others with you on board is yours!