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Sunset Thessaloniki Cruise on a Sailing Yacht

Quick Details

Check Bubble Included:

  • Fuel
  • Yacht and crew
  • Snacks and soft drinks
  • Beer and wine
  • Fruit salad and Greek yogurt
  • Room service food serving
  • Snorkeling gear
  • Towels & jackets
  • Internet access
  • All fees and taxes
  • 24% VAT
Morning Tour Public tour from 10am to 2:30pm
Afternoon Tour Public tour from 3pm to 7:30pm
Full-Day Tour Public tour from 10am to 7pm
Sunset Tour Public tour approx. from 8pm to 10pm
Private Sunset Cruise Private tour approx. from 8pm to 10pm

Sunset Thessaloniki Cruise on a Sailing Yacht In Brief

Get ready for a gratifying sailing experience around Thessaloniki with a Sunset Thessaloniki Cruise. Explore the Gulf of Thermaikos while comfortably cruising on an exquisite sailing yacht. Opt for a hassle-free sailing tour to admire the marvellous urban Thessaloniki setting while the sun goes down. Be astonished by the diverse coastline views and enjoy the art of the burning skies. Gaze at the sky and let your mind wander on a sunset boat trip from Thessaloniki.

Sunset Thessaloniki Cruise on a Sailing Yacht Highlights

  • Board a cosy sailing yacht around the Gulf, and get the chance to experience Thessaloniki at the most beautiful hour of the day.
  • Immerse yourself in an urban Sunset Thessaloniki Cruise to discover the city’s best landmarks and finest panoramic views.
  • Escape the city’s hustle and bustle. Skip the crowds to enjoy breathtaking views across the bay and up to Mt Olympus.

Sunset Thessaloniki Cruise on a Sailing Yacht  In Detail

Start your boat trip from Thessaloniki at Marina Aretsou in Kalamaria. Board a seductive, classy cruiser that provides you with the finest amenities while aboard. Meet your captain and set sail to explore Thessaloniki’s finest seaside landmarks and most-Instagrammable hidden viewpoints.

Marvel at the sun reflecting onto crystal clear waters and immerse yourself in a soothing setting far from the city’s crowds and hectic reality.  Capture inspiring moments and frame your pictures with a dusky blue background.

Watch the people leisurely strolling on the city’s waterfront and let your eyes wander through a stunning urban waterline filled with cosy little cafes, bars and restaurants.

Sip a refreshing drink while catching a glimpse of the city’s most photographed landmark, the White Tower. Tune in with your captain to find out more about the Tower’s history and strategic importance over the years.

Admire the diverse landscape and catch sight of the imposing Mt Olympus across the horizon. Snap a photo at the Umbrellas sculpture and its spectacular reflection on the water. Sail along Thessaloniki’s waterfront to marvel at the lavishing and tranquil skyline while the sun sets.

Feel the city’s relaxing atmosphere and vibes. Board a Sunset Thessaloniki Cruise to unravel the city’s romantic nature and prepare for a unique boat trip starting from Thessaloniki.

Sunset Thessaloniki Cruise on a Sailing Yacht Itinerary

  1. Begin Your Sunset Thessaloniki Cruise: Board a state-of-the-art sailing yacht at Marina Aretsou and get ready to take in Thessaloniki’s splendid sunset.
  2. Sail Around Thessaloniki’s Waterfront: Catch a glimpse of the city’s seaside landmarks and get to learn about their history.
  3. Reach the Trademark White Tower: Get the best views across Thermaikos Gulf and watch as the Tower reflects on the urban waterline.
  4. End Your Sunset Thessaloniki Cruise: Head back to Marina Aretsou feeling filled with enjoyment after cherishing an incredible boat trip from Thessaloniki.