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You will find the basic information about how we process your personal information here.

About Us

The registered offices of Allinblusive Ltd are at 7 Wenlock Road N1 7SL London. Further information is available on the website (that we will refer to as the “Website” throughout this document).

What you are reading

The purpose of this document (“Statement”) is to give you adequate information so you can understand how we process your personal information when you browse through our Website. You will get all the information you need so you can express your explicit and informed authorization for the processing of your personal information while you browse and use this Website, should you deem this appropriate.

Our principles

Allinblusive Ltd has made a daily commitment to protect the online privacy of those visiting its Website, based on what we consider the principles to be respected.

Generally speaking, any data or personal information that you share with Allinblusive Ltd via the website, or that is collected in any way via the Website, for the use of the services we offer (the “Services”), as described in Paragraph 3 below, will be processed according to the internationally acknowledged principles of lawfulness, correctness, transparency, limitation of purpose and retention, minimization of data, accuracy, integrity and confidentiality.


The Data Controller and the Data Protection Officer
Which personal information is subject to processing?
Name, contact details and other Personal Information
Job Applications
Special categories of personal information
Data provided voluntarily by the user
Browsing data
Purpose of processing
Legal basis and the obligatory or voluntary nature of data processing
Recipients of your personal information
Transfer of personal information
Retention of personal information
Data Subject Rights

The Data Controller and the Data Protection Officer
As identified at the beginning of this statement, Allinblusive Ltd is the Data Controller with regard to all personal information that is processed via the Website.

You can contact the Data Protection Officer (“DPO”) at Allinblusive Ltd at the following address: [email protected]

Which personal information is subject to processing?

After you browse the Website, Allinblusive Ltd will process information about you that may consist – also depending on how you decide to use the Services – of an identifier such as your name, an identity number, an online identifier or one or more elements that refer to your physical, physiological, psychological, financial, cultural or social identity so as to identify you or make you identifiable (simply called “Personal Information” in this document).

Your personal information may be collected because you provided it voluntarily (if you sign up for our Newsletter, for example) or by simply analyzing your actions on the Website.

The following personal information is processed via the Website:

Name, contact details and other Personal Information

In various sections of the Website, including the section where you can create your personal account, you will be asked to enter information such as your name, email address, your country of residence, and home address, etc. When you sign up to use the Services, you may also be asked to enter information about your method of payment, such as PayPal, bank transfer, or credit card.

Furthermore, every time you take part in a survey or a promotion through the Website, or when you contact Allinblusive Ltd or its Customer Care team via the contact details on the Website, Allinblusive Ltd may collect any additional information you decide to provide.

Job Applications

If you sign up to the Job Applications section of the Website to work at Allinblusive Ltd, at the web address (“Careers”)-this page maybe will be functionable only few months a year during recruitment period, you will be asked to provide some details about your work or professional life (such as your CV, etc.). The personal information you provide for this purpose will be processed by Allinblusive Ltd as described in the specific statement found there.

Special categories of personal information

Some sections of the Website include open fields where you can send information to Allinblusive Ltd that may contain personal information.

Since these fields are open, you can use them to share (on a voluntary basis, or otherwise) certain sensitive categories of personal information, such as information revealing your race or ethnic group, political opinions, religion or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership, genetic information, or biometric data, that may unequivocally identify an individual, data relating to your health or sex life, or the sexual orientation of a person.

Allinblusive Ltd suggests you do not send such personal information unless it is strictly necessary. Since entering such information is entirely optional, please remember that these special categories of personal information will only be processed with your explicit authorization and in respect of current legislation pro tempore. Allinblusive Ltd therefore stresses the importance of expressing your explicit authorisation for the processing of special categories of personal information, should you decide to share such information.

Providing third party data

As mentioned above, there are parts of the Website where you can enter text messages that are visible to Allinblusive Ltd, which may contain (voluntarily or otherwise) personal information referring to another person.

As regards this possibility, you become an independent data processing controller and as such accept all obligations and legal liability. In this way, you confer complete indemnity relating to any disputes, demand, request for compensation for damages resulting from the processing of data etc. that was shared with Allinblusive Ltd by the third party whose personal information was processed as a result of you using the functions of the Website in breach of applicable regulations for the protection of personal information.

Should you share or process the personal information of a third party in any other way when using the Website, you guarantee herewith – and accept all associated liability – that such potential data processing has the authorisation of the third party in question or has another legal basis that allows the processing of the information in question.

Browsing data

During the course of their operation, the IT systems and software procedures used for the proper functioning of this Website acquire certain personal information, whose transmission is required for using Internet communication protocols. This information is not collected by Allinblusive Ltd in order to be associated with identified persons. However, given its very nature, users can potentially be identified should it be processed and associated with other data held by third parties.

IP addresses or domain names of the computers used by the users connected to the Website, addresses of requested resources in URI notation (Uniform Resource Identifier), the time of the request, the method used for submitting the request to the server, the dimension of the file obtained in response, the numerical code indicating the status of the reply given by the server (successful, error, etc.) and other parameters relating to the operating system and to the user’s IT environment, fall under this category of data.

This data is used exclusively to obtain anonymous statistics with regard to the use of the Website and to check it is operating correctly, in order to identify any anomalies and/or abuse. Except for cases where information is used to ascertain responsibility in case of potential computer crimes against the Website or third parties, such information is not retained for more than seven days.


Information on the use of Cookies is available in the Cookie Statement.

Purpose of processing

Allinblusive Ltd will use your personal information collected via the Website for the following purposes:

to control your identity and assist you should you misplace or forget the login/password details for your personal account on the Website; allow you to consult your buying history; send you the newsletter if you signed up for this service; send you any information you explicitly requested; finalize your purchase order and deliver the products available for purchase on the Website; locate the dealer closest to you, and provide any other service you may require (“Providing the Service”);
to send you communications and/or commercial offers and/or and any informative material regarding our brands and models; invite you to events (public or private), fairs and/or boat shows, send you promotional communications, market research and surveys related to products and services offered by Allinblusive Ltd or send you our house organ. Depending on the type of communication, we can contact you by email and/or telephone and/or messaging services and/or ordinary mail and/or social networks (“Marketing”);
to create your profile through the use of profiling cookies, subject to your authorization, collecting and analyzing information about the selections and choices you make on the Website and about how you use the Website in general. This profile will be used to send you information about other sites and /or services that Allinblusive Ltd thinks might be of interest to you, and to show you advertising that may match your preferences. All the algorithms involved in this process are tested on a regular basis to guarantee a proper process is used and in order to prevent errors (“Preferences”);
to comply with legal obligations whereby Allinblusive Ltd must collect and/or process certain types of personal information (“Compliance”);
to prevent or identify any abusive use of the Website or any fraudulent activity (“Abuse/Fraud”).

Legal basis and the obligatory or voluntary nature of data processing

The legal basis used by Allinblusive Ltd for processing your personal information, as per the purposes indicated in Paragraph 3 above, is as follows:

Providing the Service: processing for this purpose is necessary in order to provide you with the Services and so in order to execute the contract stipulated with you. It is not obligatory to give Allinblusive Ltd your personal information for this purpose, but it will not be possible to deliver any service if you refuse.
Marketing: the data processing for this purpose is based on your consent. It is not mandatory to give your consent for this purpose but, in the absence of your consent, we will not be able to send you any type of communication, included commercial communication related to one of our products nor invite you to event and/or boat shows. If you give your consent, you will still be free to revoke it at any time by following the instructions in Paragraph 8 of this Policy.
Preferences: data processing for this purpose requires your authorization expressed via the cookie banner and/or a specific checkbox. You are under no obligation to authorize Allinblusive Ltd for this purpose and are free to withdraw your authorization at any time without suffering any consequence (except you will no longer be able to benefit from the customization of commercial offers from Allinblusive Ltd). You can withdraw your authorization given previously by following the instructions in Paragraph 8 in this Statement.
Compliance: data processing for this purpose is necessary so that Allinblusive Ltd can comply with any legal obligations. When you give your personal information to Allinblusive Ltd, it is processed according to applicable regulations, which could require their retention and notification to the Authorities to comply with accounting, fiscal or other obligations.
Abuse/Fraud: the information collected for this purpose will be used exclusively to prevent and/or identify any fraudulent activity or abuse in the use of the Website (leading to criminal charges).

Recipients of your personal information

Your personal information may be shared with the persons indicated below (“Recipients”):

Anyone typically acting as the data processor, such as: i) persons, companies or professionals providing assistance and consulting services to Allinblusive Ltd for accounting, administration, legal, taxation, financial and debt collection associated with the delivery of the Services;

Anyone with whom interaction is necessary in order to provide the Services (such as hosting providers or suppliers of platforms for sending mail);

Anyone authorized to handle technical maintenance (including maintenance of networking equipment and electronic communications networks);

Persons authorized by Allinblusive Ltd to process personal information as required for actions closely linked to the provision of the Services, whether they are under the obligation of confidentiality or have a suitable legal obligation of confidentiality (e.g. employees of Allinblusive Ltd);

Allnblusive companies for the purpose of internal administration, including the processing of Personal information of customers and employees;

Subjects, agencies or authorities to whom it is obligatory to notify your personal information for the purpose of Compliance, Abuse or Fraud prevention, or by order of the authorities.

Transfer of personal information

In light of the international scope of Allinblusive Ltd, some of your personal information may be shared with Recipients who may be located outside the European Economic Area. Allinblusive Ltd assures you that the processing of your personal information by these Recipients will comply with applicable regulations. In fact, the transfer of data is executed using appropriate guarantees, such as decisions of appropriateness, Standard Contractual Clauses approved by the European Commission, or other guarantees considered adequate. More details are available by writing to Allinblusive Ltd at the following address [email protected]

Retention of Personal Information

Personal information processed for the purpose of Providing the Services will be retained by Allinblusive Ltd for the time strictly necessary to achieve this purpose. However, since your personal information was processed in order to supply the Services to you, Allinblusive Ltd may retain them for a longer period, especially if necessary, for protecting the interests of Allinblusive Ltd against potential liability in relation to the Services.

Personal information processed for the purposes of Marketing and Preferences will be retained by Allinblusive Ltd until you withdraw the authorization you gave earlier and regularly renewed. After you have withdrawn your authorization, Allinblusive Ltd will no longer use your personal information for these purposes, but may retain it, especially if this is necessary to protect the interests of Allinblusive Ltd against potential liability based on said processing.

Personal information processed for the purpose of Compliance will be retained by Allinblusive Ltd for the period stipulated in the specific legal obligations or in the applicable regulations.

Personal information processed for the purpose of preventing Abuse/Fraud will be retained by Allinblusive Ltd for the period strictly necessary for said purpose and thus until the moment when Allinblusive Ltd is required to retain them to protect itself legally for notification to the competent Authorities of said information.

Data Subject Rights

You have the right to ask Allinblusive Ltd, at any time:

To gain access to your personal information (and/or a copy of said personal information) as well as additional information about any ongoing processing of them;

To have your personal information, processed by Allinblusive Ltd, corrected or updated, should it be incomplete or be out of date;

To have your personal information deleted from the database of Allinblusive Ltd, should you consider the processing to be unnecessary or unlawful;

To limit the processing of your personal information by Allinblusive Ltd, should you consider your personal information to be incorrect, unnecessary, or processed unlawfully, or should you have refused processing;

To exercise your right to data portability, meaning obtaining a copy of the personal information supplied to Allinblusive Ltd about you, in a structured format, commonly used and that can be read by an automatic device, or to ask for it to be sent to another Data Controller;

To refuse the processing of your personal information, using a legal premise related to your personal situation that you consider should prevent Allinblusive Ltd from processing your personal information; or to withdraw your authorization for Marketing and Preferences purposes.

The majority of personal information supplied to Allinblusive Ltd can be amended at any time, including your email preferences, by accessing your personal account created on the website or via mail, whenever possible.

When you sign up for the Services, you may have selected the channels of communication through which you want to be contacted for Marketing purposes (such as fax, phone, SMS, email, post, or social media).

You can withdraw your authorization for Marketing with respect to each one of these channels of communication by accessing your personal account on the Website, by deselecting the relevant options, or by mail. You can also withdraw authorization for Marketing sent by email using the link provided at the bottom of each email you receive. The same method can be used to stop receiving the Allinblusive Ltd newsletter, if you signed up for this service.

You can withdraw your authorization for Profiling via cookies by following the instructions in Paragraph 2.f or by using the checkbox at any time to amend the preferences of your user profile, which can be created on the Website.

In addition to the above, you can exercise your rights by writing to Allinblusive Ltd at the following address: [email protected]

You will always have the right to submit a complaint to the pertinent Controlling Authority should you consider your personal information was processed in breach of current regulations.


This statement has been valid since 20/12/2018. Allinblusive Ltd may modify or simply update all or part of its content, also on account of amendments to the applicable regulations. Allinblusive Ltd will notify you of any such amendments as soon as they are introduced, and they will be binding as soon as they are published on the Website. Allinblusive Ltd therefore suggests visiting this section on a regular basis in order to become familiar with the most recent and updated version of the statement so that you remain up to date with regard to the personal information collected and how it is used by Allinblusive Ltd.

The principles in place at Allinblusive Ltd for the protection of your personal information.

Privacy by default
We believe it is a priority to protect the personal information belonging to each and all of us.

Privacy by design
We have specifically designed our website and the tools it uses in order to interact with you so that the privacy and security of any personal information we process is protected. Personal information needs to be protected from unauthorized access, improper use, sharing, and loss.

Privacy Statement
We believe that each one of us should be informed about how their personal information is used in a way that is clear, transparent and easy to understand.

Collection of necessary information and your right to choose
We only handle information that is really necessary for the purpose we asked you to provide it, and only the information you authorize us to handle.

Protection of confidentiality in a defined timeframe
We believe your personal information deserves to be handled confidentially and should not be shared without your permission. We also believe that personal information should be handled within a set timeframe that is easily identifie