Do you organize Stag or Hen parties?

We are friends going out on a Stag and Hen Party, is allinBlusive suitable for us?

The main embarkation point for allinBlusive Holidays is less than 50 minutes from Thessaloniki’s International Airport (SKG), so after only a 3-hour flight from London, you are already partying on the Mediterranean.

Get your friends together and let us know how to make your party unforgettable.

Do I need to book a Stag or Hen party for 8 days?

NO – for Stag and Hen parties we are flexible mainly during low season.

We are here to help – ask, coordinate and we will provide any additional services you may need.

Can I stay some days in a hotel?

Sure, you can book it yourself or we can do it for you.

Can we book a motor yacht?

The answer is yes but this depends on availability and final pricing, so ask for our quotation.

What is included in the booking price?

When you book a sailing holiday through allinBlusive, the booking price for any of our sailing holidays includes the yacht, the captain, fuel and mooring fees and a 14-day free cancellation period. Also,

  • Airport Transfer,
  • Breakfast, Snacks Lunch and Dinner.
  • Drinking Water, Beers, Wine, Soft and Hard Drinks.
  • Wifi 4G internet.
  • Shampoo and Dush Shower Gel.
  • Linens, Towels
  • Mosquito repellent gel
  • Separate WC for men and women.

Additionally, all our yachts feature a well-equipped kitchen with cutlery. You are free to bring on board your own drinks and provisions for your special occasions

Do you provide airport transfer through allinBlusive?

AllinBlusive is really all-inclusive, you don’t need to book your transfer. We provide this for our customers.

What extra costs do I need to take into consideration?

With allinBlusive, you’ll never encounter unexpected or hidden costs during your holiday, so when you make your budget calculations, please take into consideration that your booking price includes all your all your expenses.


Some extra budget may be needed for Tips and some extra activities or rentals that are not mandatory.

About our sailing holidays

We create our sailing holidays to meet the needs of couples, friends and families that want quality, hassle free sailing holidays Greece on a skippered yacht.

Building upon on our team’s experience, we selected the best yachts, most experienced captains and our favorite yachting cruises. 

No sailing experience is necessary to book one of our sailing holidays.

Setting off from the famous Sani Resort marina, you’ll have a whole week to explore more than 200 miles of sea shore, 30 unique beaches, 3 islands and a piece of paradise on earth, because “Like Halikidiki Nowhere”.
Our standard itineraries include the best destinations for families and friends, but there’s always room for customisation – just talk it over with us.

What yachts does all inBlusive provide?

We are extremely demanding with quality and we are constantly improving our fleet and services. The skippers are not cold, individual professionals, we are a team and as in every team, each member has to play at the top of hir or her game to score the best holidays you’ve ever had. So we are demanding with the yachts, skippers, and everyone and everything involved with our services.

To make sure that the yacht of your choice is delivered to you in pristine condition, our allinBlusive captain will personally supervise it before your check-in, making sure everything aboard is in order before you arrive. We ourselves will be there to oversee that everything is OK and as planned.

Additionally, international classification societies like Lloyds perform regular mechanical inspections on all our yachts.

Along with free time and careless living, holidays are about comfort. That’s why we use spacious yachts with 4 cabins and 2 toilets so it will be enough space for everybody.

Why to make an early booking?

You can enjoy the full experience of allinBlusive in the best price and we’ll give you a free cancellation period of 14 days upon your booking. You can take advantage of our free credits and save money

Our pricing policy is very flexible and awards the early bookers.

How do I book an allinBlusive holiday?

Booking an allinBlusive  holiday is fast and easy, and all it takes is basically 2 steps;

Step 1. Select your week.

When do you want to take your holiday? Plan and start.

Step 2. Fill in your mate’s details or your crew.

No matter how many friends you are, or if you are on your own, just fill in your details and proceed to payment.

Do you provide special discounts for big groups?

Our yachts can accommodate 3 couples, in certain conditions this can be raised to 4. If you are 12 or 14 people, you’ll form a flotilla sailing holiday (you’ll have more than one yachts) and this is more exciting.

For every full yacht booking, we provide a 50% discount to the person who rallies and bring his or her friends.

I am an influencer and I can organise some friends for a special trip. Can we cooperate?

Sure, actually you are our man! You can contact us and have a chat on this.

When will I need to pay for my allinBlusive sailing holidays?

When you reserve an allinBlusive  holiday, we give you a 14-day cancellation free period. No payment is required during that time, except a refundable deposit.

When the free cancellation period expires, the deposit you pay will no longer be refundable, otherwise the full amount will be refunded to your credit card or PayPal account. Please see the table below in order to see how much your deposit will be, depending on how far ahead you book.

Early bookers are considered those who reserve a sailing holiday 120 days or more, before check-in. Early bookers pay a deposit of 20% a week after reserving, and the final 80% deposit 45 days before the holiday start date.

Intermediate bookers are considered those who reserve a sailing holiday anywhere between 46 days and 119 days before check-in. Intermediate bookers pay a deposit of 50% a week after reserving, and the final 50% deposit 45 days before the holiday start date.

Last minute bookers are considered those who reserve a sailing holiday 45 days or less, before the holiday start date. Last minute bookers pay the full 100% of their booking price.

Should something go wrong with the transaction, we’ll immediately get in touch with you via phone and email so that we can solve any issues that have arisen. 

What is all inBlusive’s cancellation policy?

You may cancel your Booking anytime, however please be aware that cancellations may incur cancellation charges.

These cancellation charges depend on how much notice you give us prior to the start date of your holiday. If you cancel your Booking anytime after you have paid the deposit, the following applies:


Time between cancellation of Booking and start date of Holiday 

Percentage of total Booking price payable as cancellation charge.

1-14 (inclusive) days of booking day *

100% refund of deposit.

130 days or more (inclusive)*


90 -129 days (inclusive)*


49-89 days (inclusive)*


0-50 days (inclusive)*


*Please note that for certain travel arrangements e.g. many scheduled transport providers, the cancellation charge may be higher than those shown. In certain cases a 100% cancellation fee applies as soon as the booking is made and the ticket is issued. Please ask for full details of cancellation charges at time of booking. We strongly recommend that you take out insurance that includes cover against irrecoverable cancellation costs. Additionally, you will remain responsible for the full amount of your insurance premium and this will not be refunded in the event of your cancellation. You may, however, be able to transfer this cover to another holiday. Please note that certain costs may be refunded should you cancel the entire holiday (i.e. Yacht Damage Waiver, Yacht fuel supplement, Cruising taxes) before cancellation charges are applied.

What meals do you offer on board?

We offer 3 meals per day and snacks. Here are some examples of effortless and nourishing meals to satisfy your hunger during your trip. Most of them can be prepared on-board in no time, the rest will be already prepared. 



Butter, Jams, Peanut Butter, Cream Cheese

Cereals, Muesli


Bananas, Oranges

Granola bars





Ham and cheese (or any other kind really) sandwiches

Tuna Salad Wraps

Greek salad

Pasta salad


BBQ chicken



Tortilla chips and salsa

Assorted nuts, dried fruits

Hard cheese

Fresh fruit

Pop Corn






What should I bring with me?

We love writing about how to make your holidays unique and what you need to bring with you.

What safety tips should I follow?

Your captain will inform you of safety guidelines. If you still have questions you can read our blog article.

Do I have to bring linens & towels?

allinBlusive provides all-inclusive sailing holidays, so you don’t have to worry about linens and towels.

Which electrical appliances can I use in the yacht?

As a general rule, whatever can be connected into your car’s lighter socket can also be connected to your boat’s 12V and 220V sockets.

Appliances like hairdryers and irons use a lot of power and can cause damage to the yacht’s electrical system, so they are not provided on the yacht. You may bring these with you, but they can only be used safely once the yacht is docked and connected to shore power.

What is SSL certification used by the allinBlusive website?

SSL Certificates are small data files that digitally bind a cryptographic key to an organization’s details. When installed on a web server, it activates the padlock and the https protocol (over port 443) and allows secure connections from a web server to a browser. Typically, SSL is used to secure credit card transactions, data transfer and logins, and more recently is becoming the norm when securing browsing of social media sites. SSL Certificates bind together:

  • A domain name, server name or hostname.
  • An organizational identity (i.e. company name) and location.

What methods of payment do you accept?

llinBlusive uses PayPal  for all electronic payments.PayPal is a service that enables you to pay, send money, and accept payments without revealing your financial details.

If you don’t have a PayPal account you can choose to pay via credit or debit card. We accept the following cards: Visa, Visa Electron, Visa Debit, MasterCard, MasterCard Debit, Maestro, Maestro UK and American Express.

How do you ensure payment safety?

All inBlusive uses Paypal , a worldwide leading service that enables you to pay, send money, and accept payments without revealing your financial details.

PayPal uses the latest in data encryption and anti-fraud technology to help keep your information secure, reducing the risk of online fraud.

You can link your PayPal account to your bank account, debit and credit cards (and still earn your reward points) simply by adding the details to your PayPal account. That way, you can choose how you want to pay, and you never have to worry about making sure there’s money in your PayPal account.

If an eligible item that you’ve bought online doesn’t arrive, or doesn’t match the seller’s description, our Buyer Protection will reimburse you for the full amount of the item plus postage and packaging costs. Buyer Protection covers eligible online purchases on eBay or on any other website, when you use PayPal.

Do you provide bareboat chartering services?

allinBlusive is an all-inclusive sailing holiday provider. We do not offer any bareboat chartering opportunity. 

Can I book my flight tickets with AllinBlusive ?

At the moment allinBlusive doesn’t provide flight booking services.

You can contact allinBlusive if you have any inquiries about how to reach your destination and start your sailing holidays.

Is allinBlusive an ABTA member?

allinblusive has applied and  waiting for approval. As soon as the registration is approved, we will announce it on our website.

Do you organize special events and cruises?

Yes, we plan some special cruising weeks related to wellness and cooking so stay tuned and be the first to know.

I am a journalist or work for media. How can I contact you?

For press and media related coverage, please contact

Can i book only a yacht ?

AllinBlusive is proud to provide cost effective sailing holidays, we are innovating on providing premium services for hassle free sailing holidays.

The answer is YES we can provide a bareboat for you on very competitive pricing. You just need to meet the minimum requirements which can be found here.