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COVID-19 Update April 2021


3.000 guests in 2020 … ZERO cases!

You’re in Safe Hands

June 2021 COVID update 

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For us in AllinBlusive, safety comes first. 

Since this COVID-10 Pandemic outbreak, the Greek Government and all other health-related organisations and the Ministry of Maritime issue special rules, guidelines and restrictions related to measures and precautions to face the virus pandemic. Our company deployed a contingency plan to meet crews and guest safety.

In 2020 OUR crew-served 3000 guests with safety, we apply the following measures to all our cruises, as per official guidelines.

  • All our guests must fill a preboarding questioner, they must have been tested for COVID-19 with a PCR or a self-test, even if vaccinated. In case of an affirmative reply regarding the results of the tests, boarding to the yacht will be forbidden. All replies are GDPR compliant and you are in safe has. (according to the new Greek Government laws update May 2021).

  • Crews and staff involved in the company’s operations weekly before appearing for work are tested on a self-test basis and proceed to work if only they are negative and providing a special form (according to the new Greek Government laws update May 2021).

  • Crews daily examined and thermometer before taking up duty.

  • Crew wearing face masks during the cruise, (welcome – food preparation and serving).

  • Crew wearing disposable single-use gloves.

  • Extensive use of alcoholic hand sanitisers in all places. 

  • Single-use paper towel in all heads. 

  • UV-C sterilisation of galley, heads and cabins after every cruise with technology.

  • Guests are filling in personal details and a short questioner acting as a tracking form in case an incident occurs.

  • For 2021 its planed to have aboard all cruises Self COVID test and all Crews will be tested twice a week and it will be possible for guests to be tested before the cruise or during the cruise (in multi-day cruises)

We request guests to fill a tracking form in all our yachts according to the Greek Ministry of Maritime with personal data following GDPR and instructions destroyed after two months.

A particular file of all guests maintained in all yachts indicating passengers and crew temperatures.

Aboard all our yachts, there are digital thermometers and oximeters to help guests and crew check their vital indications. 

In AllinBlusive, we will not stop our efforts to make our services not only the Best Part of Your Holidays but also the safest! 

Book your cruise with confidence.

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