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Yacht Cleaning and sterilisation for covid-19

Yachting and Daily cruises cleaning and disinfections after Covid-19 pandemic.


How do we protect our guests?


It’s obvious and well known that Greece seceded the recent pandemic of coronavirus. Specially Halkidiki is one of the safest areas in Greece with less than five total cases. During our normal operations we were taking under serious consideration the safety and the security both of our guests and crew members, now its more than demanding to be more detailed in daily cleaning.


All our guest trust us for more than ten years to leave hours or tranquillity and careless while visiting the best beaches of Halkidiki.

This year we are enriching our experiences with two more exclusive and worldwide unique the Riva AllinBlusive Moet and Chandon Sunset Experiences and the Aperol sunset experience on our catamarans, but what’s happening about the cleaning and disinfection?


We are cleaning and disinfecting our yachts after ever cruise with the most niche technology, using UV lights and Ozone, killing in 30-60 minutes all viruses and purifies the yachts so it will be clean and safe for the next guests aboard.


We all know that sunlight includes UV radiation, one of the worst and harmful rays are in the spectrum of UV and particularly the UC-C (that’s why we use sunscreens) because they are damaging and destroying the DNA. In our case, we use those leather UVC light to disinfect and sterilise our yachts.


Recent posts and announcements of  BBC, WHO and various medical researches proof that the UV sterilisation in eco friendly, efficient and saves time, chemical detergents and exposure of crew to chemicals and. Cleaning.


In our yachts we using the Steril-Light Pro O3 ( devices installed in every yacht, crew for 60 minutes disinfects the whole yacht, open the hatches to refresh the air and we are ready to welcome the next group of guests.


Of course, all other “traditional” methods applied complementary to assure that everything is clean and safe from your day cruise to the best beaches and crystal clear waters of Halkidiki.

Unfortunately due to safety reasons this year, we will no be able to approach local restaurants and disembark to enjoy local Greek cuisine and delicies. Still, you are encouraged to order room service, and your lunch or dinner will serve aboard. The yachts equipped with masks, gloves, hand sanitisers and gels, no towels will be in the toilets, and all your towels will be in separate bags clean and untouched.

We are following all government instructions, and we are doing our best to ensure your trip and private cruise.

In all our yacht you will also be available special sterilisation boxes, steril-light box ultra, where our guest will clean and disinfect their room cards, mobile phones, sunglasses and personal items.

Also in all our yachts, you ‘ll find a QR code, a link which can be used to tip our crews without cash to increase safety and security.

Our van is also disinfected and sterilised with the same method thanks to the portable device steril-light max 4, after which transfer all the van is cleaned, and ready to welcome the next group of guests.

Don’t forget that yachting was, is and will be the best soSEAl Distancing before it invented after the COVID-19 pandemic. We are in the final countdown we believe that from the first days of July you’ll be visiting Greece and Halkidiki and we will be more than happy to cruise with you.

We are the best part of your holidays; we want to be also the most secure part of your holidays! Till then, stay safe and dream big!