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Tips and Tricks for successful sailing holidays

a couple with big backpacks looking the mountains

n case it’s your first time on a sailing boat for a cruise these holiday tips will be more than helpful to you!

First don’t carry a lot of stuff with you! A backpack can fit everything inside and will save you from the extra luggage cost that airplane companies charge! I believe that you’ll need

-2 swim wears

-2 pair of sorts

-3 T-shirts or UV protection rashes

-1 jacket (just in case it gets chilly) and

-1 pair of non-slippery shoes/sandals.

Women can carry dresses instead of sorts and shirts.
BUT sunglasses, hat, sunscreen and your cheerful mood are THE necessity!

Pay attention to the skipper! Even if you are an experienced sailor, the skipper is the boss of the boat and knows every particularity of her and every part of the sea you are sailing in.

Be careful walking on the deck! We have all experienced that intolerable small toe pain when we hit it on the corner and deck can get slippery!!!

Take it easy with alcohol! Falling in the water from the boat is a piece of cake, but now a good idea especially when drunk….

When it comes to the toilet, pay attention when the captain gives you directions on how to use it! There is a special flush system (You will soon understand what I am talking about!)

Some may need Dramamine or seasickness patch, so better be prepared. Tips to avoid seasickness

Don’t forget to stay cool and hydrated! Try to drink at least 2 litres of water daily and wear your rash shirt.

Sailing holidays is the best way to get initiated in sailing. You’ll have your captain near you all day long so take the advantage and ask him/her for a short introduction.

In case you need more holiday tips, stay tuned…