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The Best Part of Your Holidays

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The Best Part of Your Holidays an Alinblusive Private Cruise

5 Reasons to Choose AlinBlusive

Planning a holiday is a lot of fun, but while planning, you can find yourself searching an endless number of hotels, resorts, and a variety of other accommodations to ensure you can rest as you choose to. Additionally, the one planning the adventure must account for any activities and tourist attractions at that destination. There is a better way to enjoy the best beaches and accommodations without the endless hassle of tracking down a place to rest your head. AllinBlusive private cruises make it all easy and here are 5 reasons why.

Award-Winning Company

AllinBlusive is not your average, everyday yacht rental company, but a highly professional company that takes care of all your needs. We have a tremendous reputation for excellence and have been recognized through a range of exclusive world travel awards. We were voted Europe’s Leading Private Cruise Company for 2018, and given the Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor. We were also presented with the silver tourism award for 2018 and have been recognized by Blue Flag. Our accreditations and honours have not come easily, but are a supreme example of our high-end commitment to our customers.

Variety of Ships to Reserve

At AllinBlusive, you get more than just an average yacht for an afternoon or longer. We provide exclusive options to fit with anyone’s family or gathering needs. Whether you want a high-end motor yacht, catamaran, or one of our stately sailing yachts, you can find it all with us. No need to shop around when the best yacht rentals in Halkidiki and Thessaloniki are all in one convenient place. Our ships are kept in pristine condition with the best and most technologically advanced options available to you.

Expert Crew

Is there anything better than renting a boat and taking it out yourself for a day of fun in the Greek coastline, having someone else take care of all the yachting essentials for you. When you use AllinBlusive, you gain access to an expert crew with years of experience backing them. We provide an exclusive VIP experience with every excursion featuring your very own captain to pilot the vessel anywhere you want to be along with a sailor or hostess depending on your individual needs. Anything you need is our priority here at AllinBlusive.

Splendid Locations

The right choices are not always available with every yacht rental company, but at AllinBlusive, we are not just any private cruise rental company. We want your experience to be one of a kind, so you come back again and again for our fantastic excursion opportunities. AllinBlusive sales to exotic and exciting locations, including Halkidiki and Thessaloniki. These coastal cities are among the most beautiful and spectacular places to spend an afternoon or an extended holiday.

Private exclusive cruises from AllinBlusive set out from both Halkidiki and Thessaloniki with your ideal itinerary ready to go. Take your entire family or favourite group of friends on a fun and exciting excursion to see the Greek coastline from the best perspective. You can see a lot from the shores, but you will enjoy it much more while sailing around its illustrious coasts in your very own private yacht.

Your Eco-Friendly Yacht Rental Company

Everyone needs to contribute to the environment. More people are turning to environmentally friendly options in their everyday lives, and here at AllinBlusive, we are doing our part as well. You will not find those loud, dirty, and high pollution rated vessels of old, but beautifully pristine modernized ships that have environmental concerns built into every inch of the yacht.

At AllinBlusive, your yachting experience is all about luxury and sustainability. We have adopted such high sustainability and environmentally minded standards that Blue Flag has given us the honour of being the only yacht rental company along the Greek coast to meet their strict regulations. While on every excursion, we maintain cleanliness by disposing of waste in the most environmentally friendly way. We go to great pains to leave nothing but footprints in the sand when we leave a destination.

There are a variety of available attractions in Thessaloniki and Halkidiki. Still, if you have yet to book your private yacht excursion on one of our exclusive trips, you have not sampled the very best Greek has to offer. Allow us to show you our top-rated private cruise excursions from Halkidiki and Thessaloniki. We want your trip to Sani to be more than just staying at a hotel or resort. Our main interest for our guests is with the top crew in the industry, so grab your Apperol or your Moet Chandon and have a little fun with AlliBlusive.

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