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That’s Chalkidiki

Chalkidiki panoramic view

“CHALKIDIKI” is a large peninsula and a part of the region of Central Macedonia located in Northern Greece. It includes three legs (fingers) named Kassandra, Sithonia and the autonomous Mount Athos and is full of wonderful beaches.

The principal Greek pilgrims originated around the 8th century BC there and established urban areas, such as Toroni, Scione, and Mende. The old city of Stageira was the origin of the colossal philosopher Aristotle. The capital city of Chalkidiki is Polygyros. The region is popular for the generation of olive oil and olives as well for the production of famous sort of wine. It is one of the most visited summer destinations in Greece. It’s a fabulous spot to get the beams, with numerous lovely beaches awarded with the blue flag status by the EU.

Chalkidiki has been a well-known summer destination since the late 1950s when individuals from Thessaloniki started researching the pure beach areas. In the late 1960s tourists from Austria, Germany and UK began visiting more this place more frequently. Today it is a well-known attraction for Dutch and Belgians as well. It is also famous for its nightlife that is taking place in Kalithea’s night clubs for all kinds of music with popular DJs from all over the world. Also well known for its joyful seaside beach bars, which are all over the peninsula’s coast. The centre and northern part of Chalkidiki are commanded by the mountain scope of Mt. Holomontas, a zone of fantastic excellence, with stunning perspectives in all headings. It is offered for a hiking adventure and exploration of an incredible beauty with breathtaking views.

So join our first spot and take a walk around the beautiful Sani marina. The allinblusive’s captain will welcome you onboard, enter the yacht and drop your luggage, wear your swimwear, pick up your sunglasses. Do not forget some suns cream…. and off we go!! Start exploring the paradise of the Chalkidiki.