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Street Magazine “Seller for an hour”

“Seller for an hour”

February is the month for the street magazines all over the world. Therefor an action seller for an hour is very popular this month. Street newspapers (or street papers) are newspapers or magazines sold by homeless or poor. Individuals and produced mainly to support these populations. Most such newspapers primarily provide coverage about homelessness and poverty-related issues. Seeking to strengthen social networks within homeless communities. Street papers aim to give these individuals both employment opportunities and a voice in their community. In addition to being sold by homeless individuals, many of these papers are partially produced and written by them.

Each February in Greece, volunteers supporters wearing the popular RED vest and becomes sellers for an hour. We are proudly supporting this action in order to communicate and populate the Greek street magazine SHEDIA.

On February 8th a rainy day allinblusive staff f were selling this magazine on the biggest commercial road of Thessaloniki.

Above all we’d like to thank Shedia for honouring us to participate.