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Stag and Hen Party on a Private Yacht

aerial view of girls enjoying on a yacht

Stag and Hen Party on a Private Yacht


Getting married is a once in a lifetime event for most people, but the night or week before that life-changing event is to take place is the time to get a little crazy. When you are about to dedicate your life to one person, but that does not mean your last few days or week cannot be filled with some fun times. With a stag or hen party or bachelor and bachelorette parties depending on where you are from, and where better to enjoy your last few free days than chartering a private yacht along the coast of Thessaloniki and Halkidiki.

Party Your Way

Chartering a yacht in coastal locations such as Halkidiki and Thessaloniki is the way to go for any event, especially for stag and hen parties. Things can get a little wild at these parties, and some high-end resorts can put restrictions on certain activities that are common at these events. Plus, other guests might be disturbed a little too much by your loud, jubilant celebrations. This is the time to get off the land and try something new.

Renting a yacht for your bachelor or bachelorette party allows for far more freedom than land-based event venues or merely renting a few rooms at a resort. You are necessarily free to do what you want on the yacht, provided you abide by the rental agreement for the boat.

Available in a Range of Sizes

The best thing about chartering a yacht is the availability to have everything in one place. Boats are considered one of the top party vessels available and therefore provide adequate party areas on various decks. Whether you are looking for a small ship with just two floors or would prefer to rent a high end 5 deck superyacht, you can find it all along the Thessaloniki and Halkidiki shoreline.

When renting your yacht for a stag or hen party, ensure that you know the exact number of guests expected, and since these parties can sometimes attract more than the intended guests, you might want to rent a yacht with an extra stateroom or two and plenty of bathrooms on ship as well. Yachts can be rented with 2 or three staterooms all the way up to 20 if necessary, so there is a yacht rental in Thessaloniki and Halkidiki that is right for your size stag or hen party.

Out of the Ordinary

Stag and hen parties have been going on for centuries, but in the times we live in, just an average party will not do. You are about to celebrate your last few nights as a single person before you join with the one you love for a lifetime. Average parties on land cannot compare to renting a yacht in an exotic location such as Halkidiki or Thessaloniki.

A yacht gives you the freedom to head out deep into the ocean and enjoy privileges that cannot be found on land. The sense of being on your own out in the deep sea is unparalleled and very freeing on its own, but when out on a fully stocked, top of the line yacht in Thessaloniki, that feeling is emphasized.

Amenities on Yachts

Yachts are designed to allow their owners to go anywhere they want to go whenever they feel like it. Even if you (yet) do not own a yacht, renting one can allow you to see places not available on land while enjoying the comforts of high-end resorts. Boats today have amenities such as hot tubs, ample dance space on decks, and gourmet kitchens with fully stocked pantries, so you never have to worry about a thing. Many yachts also maintain a locker for jet skis and water toys, so you can indeed have it all.

What About a Staff

Unless you are a trained sea captain, it is not likely you will be piloting the yacht yourself, but thankfully, rental boats in Halkidiki and Thessaloniki come with staff to navigate the vessel. Captains and crew also have their own quarters on these vessels, so you need not worry about the team taking up cabin space onboard. For your stag or hen party, you may also want to hire additional staff such as butlers, chefs, maids, and anyone else who might help your excursion be a real success.

Take the time and consider your options for your bachelor and bachelorette parties. You have a lot of venues and avenues for a successful party available to you. Still, if you simply limit your options to land-based entertainment, you are doing yourself a disservice. Thessaloniki and Halkidiki are yacht friendly exotic locations that offer an extensive array of yacht rental opportunities. This location is sun-drenched and just waiting for you to book your next party on a yacht in this glorious coastline.

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