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Sani Swan Private Cruises the AllinBlusive way.

enjoying sunset on a yacht


This summer as you are enjoying your holiday in Halkidiki Greece, we propose AllinBlusive private cruises departing from Sani Resort with Sani Swan.

The number one way to explore nearby beaches which are inaccessible by car.

At Sani Marina which is located in Sani Resort, you can find and book Sani Swan. A modern and new  a Cranchi 43 Mediterannee Motor Yacht. Ideal for quick and easy mini cruises along Halkidiki.

Most of all our customers were exited about the treatment and the relaxed way of travelling making their holidays and their time really unforgettable, you can read some of our customers reviews on Facebook or TripAdvisor .

Our best seller is the half day tour. In 4 and a half hours you have  plenty of time to enjoy the crystal clear waters of Aegean Sea . The maximum cruising time is less than an hour which makes the cruise comfortable and suitable even for families with your children. There is no experience like shooting the sunset during the summer. Although the Santorini’s sunsets is the most famous you can enjoy the same sun and the same sea, on your private sunset tour drinking your favourite champaign.

What about exploring more in Halkidiki?  Accessing beaches and places more private? On a full day tour you have the opportunity in 9 hours to swim up t0 4 unique beaches taste local fresh and amazing food or swing at local beach bars.

Therefor, book your private cruise and relaxed on the yachts sun beds with your wine say … ” This is the life”

See you aboard.