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Russian Prime Minister trusts AllinBlusive

Vladimir Putin and Mikhail Mishustin

Russian Prime Minister trusts our VIP services

The Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin visited Holy Mountain – Athos on 25th of September 2020 in a private visit to Agion Oros (Holy Mountain) and the island of Thasos.

During the visit, a small group of the VIP guests travelled to Filotheou Monastery where the Abbot of the Abbey with Holly Relics and a group of monks performed sanctification,  Mr Prime Misister and his wife but also their VIP guests had the opportunity to pray aboard Sani Grace and receive the blessing.

It was a discreet but VIP cruise, all security measures were taken from both authorities – Greek and Russian, while the Greek Coast Guard escorted the convoy.

The cruise made a short stop at the graphical island of Thassos, where the guests had the opportunity to visit a local Monastery.

AllinBlusive’s  luxury yachts and skilled staff accomplished the VIP cruise discreetly and professionally proving that worthily is awarded the title of Worlds Leading Private Cruises Company 2018 and 2019 (World Travel Awards) ,  Trip Advisor’s Travellers Choice Awards 2020 and Luxury Life Style Awards 2020.

It’s important to mention that ALL AllinBlusve yachts are awarded continuously with the BLUE FLAG.

We want to thank Mr Prime Misister Mikhail Mishustin and his wife Mrs Vladlena Mishustina, for their trust in our company. Their choice is a verification of our high standards not only in VIP services but also in superior and discreet services.

For your special enquiries contact us we will be happy to meet your needs and be part of your special moments.

We are the best part of your holidays (but not only)

Mount Athos

Mount Athos sunset approach

Mout Athos

Mount Athos the Holy Mountain

Sani Grace

Sani Grace AllinBlusive

Filotheou Relics aboard Sani Grace

Abbott of Filotheou Holy Mountain Athos