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Post-COVID-19 and corporate responsibility

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Its more than a quarter of this year that we are experiencing unforeseen situations. It’s also indisputable that the post-COVID-19 era will be transforming several sectors of everyday human life.

Most countries, after the lockdown shock, started a gradient restart of the “back” to normal life. During this pandemic individuals, corporates, organizations and governments rapidly reacted to provide means to everyone, guests, customers and citizens and relieve as possible any consequences. At the same time, particular professions and sectors outstood and excelled, making everyone staying safe at his lockdown shelter fell safe and secure.

AllinBlusive was since its foundation a sensitized corporation to mention the Blue Flag participation program and awards, the homeless support, but now its time to put a little brick in the bridge the community is building.

We are introducing the AllinBlusive Thank You corporate responsibility activities to offer to all health care workers in Greek public hospital free cruises.

The company triples the donation and converts it to cruises, but also the same amount returns to the donor for future cruises as gratitude.

At the same time, the actions reinforce the Greek tourism and activities industry.

We encourage you to support our action, by donating any amount to say thank you to those professionals we used to say heroes nowadays here.

Also, to support the community and our guests, we offer a +20% unique offer to share Gift Cards in a soSEAl distancing holidays proposal in Greece – The safest place for holidays in Europe.