Best Activities in Halkidiki

Best things to do in Halkidiki

Travellers wondering, what are the best activities in Halkidiki. Turquoise-colored waters, golden sand beaches stretching, picturesque villages and plenty of traditional taverns. Halkidiki offers some of the best experiences for everyone. There are several ways to discover the true sensations of Halkidiki. We selected the most significant experiences for you to have the time of…

What to pack for your convenience on a private cruise.

woman enjoying a sailing day on a yacht

 Private cruise? What to pack for your convenience What to pack for your private cruise is an obvious questions for day travellers. You don’t have to take a long cruise to experience the benefits of getting away. Day cruises are a perfect way to un-wind and re-set. Before you head to the boat  make sure you know what…

Blue Flag 2018

people showing the blue flag

Athens 9/5/2018 Five hundred nine (519) Greek coasts. Fifteen (15) marinas. One (1) sustainable tourism vessel won this year’s international award for “BLUE FLAG“. Above all Greece ranked 2nd Worldwide in 2018. Announced by the Greek Society for Nature Conservation (National Society for the Protection of Nature). The National Operator of the International Blue Flag…

Mount Athos: Special, spiritual sailing experience.

Mount Athos

Our sailing holidays were running smoothly. Everybody on the yacht was extremely relaxed and happy. Previous night was another unique experience. We had the opportunity to visit the small island of Amouliani, after spending amazing time on the fantastic beaches and the characteristic “Donkey Islands”. We were now sailing towards  an area with long history….

10 most wanted beaches of Halkidiki

Halkidiki beach

Halkidiki offers numerous beaches with crystal clear turquoise water, soft white sand and beautiful surroundings. Whether you are a partygoer or a calmer and relaxed type of person, here you will find everything you need. These are just some of the best beaches. Sani: The white-sanded beach, the exotic coloured, warm water, the pine forest…

10 tips for cheaper airplane tickets

airplane flying

Who doesn’t like surfing on holiday websites and imagining sunny beaches, clear water, luxurious villas, beautiful yachts, relaxation or partying? Even more, who doesn’t like arranging holidays and booking cheap tickets? Here are some tips that increase your chances of booking cheaper airplane tickets. 1. Book at the right time Lower rates usually appear 50…

Top 10 museums to visit in Greece

Old structure in Greece

Greece is a really historic place. With a history that counts more than 3000 years, it’s a museum itself. In every part of Hellas, you’ll see old temples, ancient Greek, Roman or Byzantine historic ruins. Once in Greece for holidays, don’t miss the opportunity to visit some of the main hand picked museums. The Acropolis…

Dos and Don’ts while in Greece

Wonderful beach in Greece

Do try as much Greek dishes as possible. Ideally, combine meat dishes with retsina or local wine and fish dishes with ouzo or tsipouro! Pizza comes with tasty Greek beer. Greeks do have table manners, but when with friends, they like sharing their plates as well as dipping their bread in sauces or olive oil!…