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What to pack for your convenience on a private cruise.

woman enjoying a sailing day on a yacht

 Private cruise? What to pack for your convenience

What to pack for your private cruise is an obvious questions for day travellers. You don’t have to take a long cruise to experience the benefits of getting away. Day cruises are a perfect way to un-wind and re-set. Before you head to the boat  make sure you know what to pack for a day private cruise. Thinking about venturing out on a day cruise? These  cruises are full of fun for sure. Meanwhile they  are also great for those who don’t have the time for an extended vacation. Whether you’re cruising with on of our yachts down to Posidi, Kassandra or heading up the coast of Mount Athos, there are esential  items that you’ll have to take with you.

relaxing on a private cruise

relaxing on a private cruise

A Day bag

Having a big comfortable bag to carry your belongings will help you keep everything in one place. You don’t have to bring a cooler bag or a cooler so to speak because all our boats have refrigerators ready to keep cool any food or drinks you bring with you.


Protect you skin this summer by choosing a high SPF sunscreen for your cruise. Between 30 and 40+ SPF is suggested. Also look out for a water resistant formula so you don’t have to reapply every time you take a dive from the yacht. Dermatologists in Greece also suggest that children wear hats and t-shirts during their exposure under the sun.

Happy children, happy parents

Having children on a boat may seem intimidating but the key is good preparation. For babies and younger children don’t forget to pack their dippers, baby wipes and baby formula. But we can’t forget the mothers, if you are on those days of the month pack with you the needed sanitary products. If they want to bring any electronics such as tablets and mobile phones they are free to do so. All our boats are equipped with WI-FI connection as well as USB charging outlets. If you choose to bring any toys we recommend avoiding plusies and preferring toys made by plastic.

Food & Drinks

As a company we can offer you, during your cruise, soft drinks as well as wine and beer. Your own private hostess will prepare for you a seasonal fruit salad with locally sourced fruit and a basket of biscuits and chips. If you feel like you want to request some specific label of wine or spirit you can arrange in with the Guest Relation desk. If your cruise is smaller in duration than a day cruise but you still want to enjoy a specific dish or you want to dine on board the Guest Relation desk can provide you with anything you wish. From a bucket of ice to a platter of grilled fish.