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Riva Lounge: Soak up the island’s over-the-top ambience in AllinBlusive’s luxurious private lounge in Mykonos

Lounge in Mykonos- AllinBlusive

Discover an exclusive lounge in Mykonos and revel in luxury in a newly-built vacation space designed for your utmost comfort

Preparing to visit the world-famous Mykonos and immersing yourself in the glamorous, cosmopolitan island-life ambience? Looking for a luxurious lounge tο pamper yourself while waiting to board a cutting-edge yacht to unravel Mykonos’ awe-inspiring beaches? AllinBlusive’s private Riva Lounge in Mykonos is the perfect place to be.

Spoil yourself with tailored amenities in Mykonos’ first Riva Lounge

Riva Lounge is the new lounge in Mykonos by AllinBlusive, a leading Private Cruise Company awarded with the “World Travel Award” for four consecutive years. Sail to the modern vacation space aboard the only Riva yacht on the island, the cutting-edge RIVAMMOS boat.

Relish a deluxe private cruise to some of Mykonos’ most enchanting destinations, host an unforgettable private event right beside Aegean’s azure waters or revel in a mesmerising private sunset cruise.

Riva Lounge and RIVAMMOS boat provide a range of tailored services that cater to any of your vacation desires. Lounge conveniently in a top-notch space and board a top-tier yacht to live an authentic Riva experience. Sail around Mykonos’ picturesque coastline, sip on refreshing drinks and savour delectable snacks served aboard.

Enjoy deluxe lounge services right beside the renowned Nammos Beach Bar

Riva lounge in Mykonos is located on Psarou Beach in southern Mykonos, alongside the famous Nammos Restaurant and Beach Bar. It boasts state-of-the-art facilities and top-grade services, aiming to become an exclusive hub in the heart of the Aegean for travellers seeking to combine luxury and convenience while sailing around Greece.

Once you arrive, the lounge manager will welcome you and assist you in organising an unforgettable sailing itinerary to Mykonos’ captivating beaches and crystal-clear, sparkling seas. Then, you can satisfy your appetite and reward your taste buds by sipping on a refreshing cocktail or savouring an haute culinary dish at Nammos’ premium restaurants.

When feeling ready to unravel Mykonos’ natural gems, board the industry-leading RIVAMMOS boat, berthed a few steps away in Nammos’ private dock. Opt for the special SEABOB service to relish tasty drinks and snacks aboard and prepare to get carried away by the Aegean’s marvellous scenery.

Hop on RIVAMMOS and live an authentic Riva experience while sailing in Mykonos

Explore Mykonos’ sparkling waters and enchanting beaches in the luxurious and fully-equipped RIVAMMOS boat anchored a few steps away from the Riva Lounge. Board a fast and safe yacht boasting a modern design and cutting-edge features, and enjoy a comfortable voyage around the “Island of Winds”.

RIVAMMOS is the epitome of deluxe yachts, featuring a wide variety of amenities that provide an unforgettable, flawless cruise experience. It’s a Riva Rivale 52’, a 17-meter open yacht with a 1.40-meter draught exceeding 40 knots. It boasts large areas with industrial design and high-end finishing touches, evoking the ever-classy Rivale flair.

The boat’s layout allows for three staterooms and an additional cabin, typically reserved for the skipper. The stylish outdoor cruiser is easily recognised by its signature radar arch, which resembles a sculpture and indicates the yacht’s link to Lake Iseo’s legendary brand.

Set sail to unravel Mykonos’ enchanting beaches

Apart from high-end restaurants, bars, and boutiques, Mykonos boasts various breathtaking beaches with sky-blue, sparkling waters. Embark RIVAMMOS from Riva Lounge, and relish a convenient, deluxe sail around the island’s alluring coastline.

Head to Platys Gialos to unwind while sunbathing under the warm Greek sun and jump in its sky-blue waters for a revitalising swim. Reach Platys Gialos, and indulge in a traditional lunch with a high-end touch in the Greek tavernas and restaurants you’ll find right around the corner. Then, continue your voyage towards Elia, where bumping upon a celebrity is not a long shot. Relish the crystal-clear waters and let your mind wander to the Aegean’s vast blue scenery.

Visit one of Mykonos’ most extensive beaches, the charming Kalo Livadi Beach. Sip on a tasteful, refreshing cocktail at the trendy beach bars or wander on its long-stretching, sandy shore. Sail to Kalafatis beach, and immerse yourself in an exotic, unpretentious ambience highlighted by the boho-style beach bars.

Of course, your private cruise in Mykonos wouldn’t be complete without a stopover at the world-famous, vibrant Super Paradise Beach. Party in style at the pulsating beach bars and create unforgettable memories in Greece. Last, satisfy your appetite for mesmerising beaches with a stop at the unspoiled Rhenia Island, boasting a range of secluded coves with azure waters.

Enjoy eco-friendly sailing with AllinBlusive’s sustainable yachting services

Luxury and convenience can be combined with an eco-conscious code of conduct. Except for providing top-rated lounge and yacht services, AllinBlusive actively aims to operate in an eco-friendly manner by investing in processes and technologies that guarantee the balance between sustainability and customers’ satisfaction.

AllinBlusive’s work towards providing sustainable yacht services has been recognised and awarded the prestigious Blue Flag. This internationally-respected symbol establishes the company’s responsible usage of water resources. Furthermore, it makes AllinBlusive the only yachting company in Greece that meets the programme’s standards.

However, the promise to minimise waste production isn’t only achieved through awards but also real-life actions. Every year, on the season’s last day, the staff gathers together to clean the last-visited beaches, showcasing the company’s mission for sustainable yachting.

Prepare for a luxurious Mykonos Cruise from Riva Lounge with AllinBlusive’s RIVAMMOS boat

Choosing Mykonos as your vacation destination signals your affinity for comfort, luxury, and high-end living. Visit the deluxe, modern, and private Riva lounge in Mykonos to meet these expectations. Pamper yourself with top-tier facilities, succulent drinks, and delectable dishes, and unwind to the magnificent view of the Aegean while soaking up the bright sun.

Opt for AllinBlusive’s top-grade Riva Lounge and state-of-the-art RIVAMMOS boat, and get ready to live an authentic, sumptuous Mykonian vacation experience. Sail along Mykonos’ picturesque coastline, admire its sparkling, crystal clear waters, and take a moment to breathe in the otherworldly Mediterranean ambience. Check the availability, mark your calendar and book a luxurious, private cruise to Mykonos today.

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