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Halkidiki holiday 2022: Why Sailing in Halkidiki is the best option for all inclusive Holidays in Halkidiki in Covid-19 era

Safe sailing in Halkidiki summer | Allinblusive

Are you dreaming of an upcoming summer beach holiday following a challenging year of Covid-19, but wondering where to go that is safe for you and your family or group of friends? Even with the world returning to a sense of normalcy, many people desire a destination that offers activities, excursions, and facilities that adhere to safety regulations, and  that provide peace of mind. For a holiday activity in a superb beach destination that fulfills such criteria, sailing in Halkidiki is the answer.

Halkidiki, located in northern Greece, is an excellent option for safe travel for the upcoming summer season. The Greek government is welcoming tourists and is taking serious measures and precautions to ensure a safe and healthy summer holiday experience. Halkidiki holidays offer the utmost safety and cleanliness, and there are many incredible things to do in a dreamy beachscape after a long time since holiday activities felt secure. Read on to learn why sailing in Halkidiki is the ideal safe activity for the summer 2021 holidays.

Partake in safe and private holidays in Halkidiki

Safety is at the forefront of many traveller’s minds going into the summer 2021 season. When thinking of safe travel destinations, Halkidiki should be at the top of lists for many reasons. Unlike overcrowded Greek islands, Halkidiki is the solution to less crowded Grecian beach destinations.

While on a sailing excursion in Halkidkiki, passengers are privy to experiencing the best of the area without having to worry about huge crowds. Sailing tours take travellers to beautiful and quiet beaches and traditional villages that are worth exploring. As such, Halkidiki sailing offers an excellent combination of seafaring adventure while also visiting ultra-safe destinations.

Feel serene on secluded, quiet beaches

The beaches of Halkidiki are renowned for their lush beauty of pine tree-laden shorelines, golden sand, and crystal clear waters. In fact, there are a handful of beaches in Halkidiki that have been awarded the coveted blue flag award, which means it is recognized for its cleanliness and sustainability. Halkidiki holidays embody a certain calmness that is not found in many other beach destinations thanks to its tranquil beaches with its relatively small crowd size. As such, sailing captains take their boats to the very best Halkidiki beaches for swim breaks and exploration.

Float with ease in ambient sea waters

Halkidiki’s calm and soothing waters are among some of the best and calmest in the whole Mediterranean in terms of safe swimming. This is an especially attractive feature for families with small children since parents can rest assured knowing that the crystal clear waters are very safe to swim in. Further, the ambient waters in the area mean that sailing tours are a peaceful activity throughout much of the year.

Explore friendly, traditional villages

While on a sailing tour, there are several stops throughout the excursion to numerous quaint villages. Throughout Halkidiki, villages are full of traditional tavernas and lively beach bars. These establishments adhere to strict safety regulations, socially distanced tables, and a high standard of cleanliness, ensuring that your summer holiday in Halkidiki is safe when going out to dine during lunch stops and swim breaks while sailing.

Safe sailing in Halkidiki summer | Allinblusive

Appreciate multiple locations in one holiday package

One of the major appeals of Halkidiki is that it is quite large in land size yet easily accessible from one corner to the other. Halkidiki comprises three peninsulas, with the first and second peninsulas, Kassandra and Sithonia, being the most popular for Halkidiki holidays. Also nearby Halkidiki is Greece’s second-largest city, Thessaloniki, a cosmopolitan hub with excellent shopping, dining, and nightlife.

Wherever you’re staying in Halkidiki, it is worth getting out and exploring the other nearby areas. One of the best and safest ways to experience the surrounding areas is to take part in a sailing excursion. Many sailboats have limited capacity, meaning they are not overcrowded. If you’re looking for privacy and social distancing while exploring the many charming places in Halkidiki, consider private sailing holidays for just you and your friends or family. If sailing sounds appealing, consider the following sailing routes below.

Set sail in lively Kassandra

Halkidiki’s westernmost peninsula is Kassandra, the most lively of the peninsulas. Here, you find the majority of restaurants, bars, and clubs as well as a handful of 4 and 5-star hotels ideal for all-inclusive holidays in Halkidiki. Sailing in Kassandra is an excellent way to explore its dynamic villages and gorgeous, pristine beaches. While sailing in Halkidiki’s first peninsula, you are able to visit the following beaches:

Possidi Beach

Surrounded by rich vegetation and totally mesmerising waters. Its shallow waters make it a very safe place to swim, and it is surrounded by full-service beach bars.

Kalithea Beach

One of Halkidiki’s most visited beaches, mostly due to its lively nature and the many available amenities on the beach, makes it ideal for families with small children.

Pefkohori Beach

While sailing in Halkidiki, Pefkohori is a must-visit. Its vibrant promenade is full of bars and restaurants and is surrounded by crystalline waters and lush pine tree coastlines.

Safe sailing in Halkidiki summer | Allinblusive

Explore lush Sithonia on a sailboat

The centre peninsula in Halkidiki is Sithonia, a bucolic dreamscape for those who desire a step into nature during their all-inclusive holidays in Halkidiki. The rich vegetation on the beaches offers a reprieve from the intense sun, and the waters are stunningly translucent. Sailing in and around Sithonia takes you on a journey to its many incredible beaches, including:

Spathies Beach

Unspoiled and magnificently well-kempt, Spathies is also known for its impressive lagoon that delights its visitors. Jump from its cliffs into its sparkling waters for a fantastic day at the beach.

St. John Beach

Soft sands and turquoise waters are the signatures of St. John Beach, but it is also regarded for being highly organised and offering several amenities, including beach bars and watersports.

Akti Kalogrias Beach

For those eager to try out snorkelling and other forms of watersports during a sailing in Halkidiki excursion, Akti Kalogrias is the solution as its translucent waters make underwater exploration ideal.

Safe sailing in Halkidiki summer | Allinblusive

Cruise to cosmopolitan Thessaloniki

Halkidiki holidays are notable not only because of their top-notch beaches but also because of the close proximity to the chic and vibrant city of Thessaloniki. Though it is an easy drive from any of the peninsulas, sailing to Thessaloniki is an unforgettable experience. You can see nature at its finest before cruising into Thessaloniki’s harbor and witnessing its very dynamic waterfront promenade. Highlights of a sailing excursion to nearby Thessaloniki include vising the following:

Neoi Epivates

A small fishing village on the coast that is ideal for a seaside fish taverna lunch. Rest assured that all restaurants in the surrounding area take safety and cleanliness precautions very seriously during your meal.

Angelochori Lighthouse

Whether on a group or private sailing holiday, a must-see near Thessaloniki is the magnificent Angelochori Lighthouse. Snap pictures of the imposing figure as you cruise through the ambient waters.

Thessaloniki waterfront

Prepare to be wowed by Thessaloniki’s spirited waterfront. Lined with countless bars and restaurants, you can soon understand why the city is regarded for its buzzing lifestyle.

Safe sailing in Halkidiki summer | Allinblusive

Luxuriate in affordable all-inclusive luxury holidays in Halkidiki

Holidays in Halkidiki embody all the charms and beauty of a summer holiday to the Greek islands but at a fraction of the price. In fact, there are several 4 and 5-star hotels in Halkidiki that are sprinkled throughout the three peninsulas that are much more affordable than an equivalent-style hotel throughout many other beach destinations in Greece.

For amazing and affordable all-inclusive holidays, Halkidiki is one of the very best in all of Greece. Besides affordable luxury accommodations, all-inclusive activities and excursions in Halkidiki are also much more reasonably priced than in other parts of Greece. One of the best all-inclusive activities is sailing in Halkidiki which you can obtain at an affordable price and under the guidance of a captain and crew dedicated to ensuring a safe travel experience.

Feel the rejuvenating sun during a daytime cruise

For lovers of the Greek sun, it’s hard to beat a half-day daytime sailing cruise in Halkidiki. Select from an itinerary that begins in either Kassandra or Sithonia and prepare for a day of sailing throughout Halkidiki to remember forever. Half-day daytime cruises make many stops to pristine beaches throughout the day, and to quaint fishing villages where dining is a truly authentic experience and features freshly caught seafood and homemade delicacies. With a half-day daytime cruise, it means you’re home in time to get ready for a night out at a lively beach bar or club.

Experience incredible evenings during a sunset cruise

It doesn’t get much better than a half-day sunset cruise in the serene waters of Halkidiki for romantics. A sailing excursion during sunset is a memorable experience for holidays in Halkidiki because you are privy to the beautiful natural phenomenon while enjoying food and drinks on a luxury yacht. Sunset cruises in Halkidiki are very small in size, so safe travel is at the forefront of such an outing at sea. Passengers should be prepared for a spectacular show of bright colors illuminating the sky before the sun descends into the horizon.

Luxuriate in peace during a full-day private cruise

For an unbeatable all-inclusive holiday in Halkidiki activity, there are few things more spectacular than a full-day at sea private cruise. Private sailing holidays in Halkidiki are an ideal choice for those who want to create their own agendas at sea while ensuring the utmost safety and social distancing. Renting out an entire sailboat for the day allows for unwavering attention from a captain and crew while visiting sparkling beaches. And of course, watching the sunset at the conclusion of the tour is one of the most memorable experiences during Halkidiki holidays.

a person riding on the back of a boat

Relish in family-friendly experiences

Halkidiki is one of the most family-friendly destinations throughout all of Greece. Not only are Halkidiki holidays ideal for families because of the safety and security of the area, but because it is an excellent place to engage in a variety of experiences that are ideal for the whole family.

From active watersports to walkable villages, Halkidiki is an idyllic destination regardless of the ages of family members. When in Halkidiki for a summer holiday, it is easy to see why children of all ages, as well as adults, regard it as one of Greece’s most sought-after summer destinations in terms of experiences, especially during a sailing tour in Halkidiki.

Discover a magnificent underwater world while snorkeling

During a sailing cruise, take the plunge into the pristine waters and discover a spectacular underwater world while snorkeling with family members. While investigating the seafloor, swimmers should be on the lookout for various colorful fish, interesting shellfish, and other marine species. Snorkeling is a popular activity on sailing in Halkidiki cruises as well, where the equipment is onboard and thoroughly cleaned after each use.

Feel serene while standup paddleboarding

One of the best experiences while on a sailing cruise for the whole family is engaging in standup paddleboarding. Regardless of age, Halkidiki is the ideal place to try it out for the first time since the waters are so calm and the wind is minimal. Spend the day at one of the organised beaches with a bevy of watersports to choose from and feel absolutely at peace while gliding through the crystalline waters with your family.

Savor delicious seaside meals

While on Halkidiki holidays, it is an absolute pleasure to sit by the peaceful coasts at an authentic taverna. With the sounds of the waves gently crashing onto the shoreline and restaurants with menus offering everything from freshly-caught seafood to more kid-friendly dishes, having an authentic Greek dining experience is fun and memorable for the whole family.

Safe sailing in Halkidiki summer | Allinblusive

Enjoy a safe 2021 summer holiday while sailing in Halkidiki

Summer 2021 is an opportunity to spend time with friends and family after a long year of being separated and restricted due to Covid-19. Holidays in Halkidiki embrace the Greek tradition of spending valuable time with loved ones in a beautiful seaside setting and calming atmosphere. Sailing in Halkidiki is the perfect way to gather safely with friends and family for a safe holiday outing.

With Allinblusive Private Cruises from Halkidiki feel a sense of serenity and peace of mind knowing that safety measures are taken with utmost seriousness. Ultra-clean sailing vessels, small cruise sizes, and visits to secluded beaches are the cornerstones of the company’s mission to ensure safety in the upcoming holiday season. Let sailing tours in Halkidiki be a fun and safe summer 2021 adventure all in one.

Book a safe sailing.