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Halkidiki Sailing Boats: How to choose the best sailing boat for your sailing holidays in Halkidiki

Are you excited about a fantastic sailing experience in the crystal blue waters of Halkidiki but are unsure of the type of sailing boat that is right for you? With so many boats available on the market, all of which satisfy specific needs and requirements, choosing the right Halkidiki sailing boat for your holiday can feel like an overwhelming task. Luckily, the below guide explains the pros and cons of various vessels to help you through this all-important decision-making process. Read on to learn more about the different sailing vessels to ensure you select the correct boat to have the Halkidiki sailing holidays of your dreams.

What are the different types of sailing boats?

Before selecting your Halkidiki sailing boat, it is essentially vital to know which types are available on the market and their advantages and disadvantages. Having a comprehensive understanding of various sailing vessels makes for a much easier decision because you see which ones check off your essential boxes. Read on to learn more about the most popular types of sailing boats and their pros and cons.

What is a catamaran boat?

When many people think of modern-day sailing, a catamaran is an image that comes to mind. It has two hulls, the part of the boat that rides both in and on top of the water and are connected by a crossbeam. The two hulls mean they have lighter displacement and lower draft. Located within each hull are separate staterooms, which ensures ample space and privacy. Often referred to as “cats”, they are powered by sails or an engine. They are regarded for their smooth sailing, ample comfort,  and the prestige attached to them.

What are the pros and cons of sailing on a catamaran?

Pros of sailing on a catamaran

A catamaran is becoming an increasingly popular choice among sailing enthusiasts throughout Halkidiki and Greece. Some of the pros of sailing on a catamaran include:

  • High stability and reduced seasickness
  • Abundant cabin and deck space
  • Very fast speeds, especially in downwind
  • Low rollover and flipping rate

Cons of sailing on a catamaran

Even with their popularity and prestige, catamarans are not perfect. Some of the cons of sailing on a catamaran include:

  • Can cost 150-300% more to charter than sailboats
  • Large width makes for difficult marina docking
  • Does not sail well when going upwind and needs adjustments
  • Expensive to dock in a marina because it needs two spaces

What is a Monohulls boat?

A Monohull is a sailboat that has only one hull as well as a pointed bow and flat stern. Their one hull allows them to maneuver easily, make sharp turns, and fit through narrow spaces and channels. Monohulls are regarded for working harmoniously with the elements instead of trying to fight them, which makes for a very pleasant sailing cruise. They are sleek, fast, and are usually the most popular choice for “sailing purists” who feel it is the boat that embodies the most traditional form of sailing.

What are the pros and cons of sailing on a Monohull?

Pros of sailing on a Monohull

Long loved by sailing enthusiasts for their authentic feeling. Monohulls are a popular Halkidiki sailing boat choice. Some pros of sailing on a Monohull include:

  • Able to self-right in case of tipping
  • Increased safety due to heeling
  • Sails upwind very well
  • Cheaper to dock than a catamaran

Cons of sailing on a Monohull

Though the most traditional sailing boats, monohulls lack some of the modernity and innovation of other boats. Some of the cons of sailing on a monohull include:

  • Space compromises, especially below deck
  • Slower than catamarans by 25-30%
  • Lacks storage space for supplies and good
  • Less stability than a multihull

What is a Gulet boat?

Usually the largest type of sailboat available for charter, a Gulet boat is a traditional ship made out of wood. They are known for their impressive size and are usually anywhere from 12 to 60  metres long, with at least three cabins below deck, but oftentimes many more. Gulets are motor-sailers meaning they use diesel as their primary power and have sails for additional strength. Comfortable and sturdy, gulets offer a highly relaxing day at sea.

What are the pros and cons of sailing on a Gulet?

Pros of sailing on a Gulet

Gulets are a popular choice for larger parties, and are an especially popular charter choice for celebrations. Some pros of sailing on a gulet include:

  • Very sturdy due to its size
  • Ample space, including large cabins
  • Extremely safe and stable in rough seas
  • Redone and renovated with great frequency

Cons of sailing on a Gulet

Though a gulet is a relaxing way to explore the sea, its sheer size adds to some of its most persistent disadvantages. Some cons of sailing on a gulet include:

  • Limited sailing abilities, only downwind
  • Much slower than other sailboats
  • Lack of privacy, unless you rent the whole boat
  • Large size limits where it can dock

What is a motor yacht?

Indicative in the name, one of the most luxurious Halkidiki sailing boats are yachts powered by a motor. They are typically between 10-30 metres in length, unless they are considered a mega-yacht which can exceed 40 metres in length. Regarded for their abilities to be able to reach just about any location with speed and power, a motor yacht varies in size but employs plenty of deck and below deck space. Trendy and prestigious, they are a popular choice for groups of friends and families alike.

What are the pros and cons of sailing on a motor yacht?

Pros of sailing on a motor yacht

Motor yachts reign supreme in the eyes of many, primarily due to their sleek design and stellar speed. Some of the pros of sailing on a motor yacht include:

  • Fastest sailboat on the market
  • Plenty of deck space due to multi-deck design
  • Can cruise into shallow waters and not get stuck
  • Extremely modern and innovative design

Cons of sailing on a motor yacht

Even with the super speed and modern sleekness of a motor yacht, various disadvantages are still present. Some of the cons of sailing on a motor yacht include:

  • Most expensive fuel costs of sailing vessels
  • Leaves a larger carbon footprint than other boats
  • Lacks the authentic sailing feeling
  • Increased noise from the motors

Should I choose a bareboat, skippered, or fully-crewed yacht?

Choosing the type of crew you want for a sailing experience is one of the most important decisions you can make for an optimal sailing cruise experience. Level of desired independence and sailing experience are two factors that must be considered when choosing the amount of crew for your Halkidiki sailing boat. Read on to learn which amount of crew is right for your needs.

What does bareboat sailing mean?

Bareboat sailing means that no crew or provisions are provided, and those who rent the boat are responsible for such things instead. This is only recommended for parties which have some experience with sailing, even only chartering a boat for a short period of time.

What does skippered sailing mean?

For those who still seek some independence, a skippered sailing may be the solution. This means that a professional skipper is provided by the boat rental company, and they handle the main tasks of the sail boat including navigation and mooring at various stops.

What does a fully-crewed yacht mean?

For those who want a day of no hassle and stresses, a fully-crewed yacht is the best choice. Such a crew includes a captain, skipper, deckhands, and a chef. Choosing a fully-crewed yacht makes for a completely luxurious and all-inclusive Halkidiki sailing boat experience.

What questions should I ask my sailing charter company?

To ensure the best sailing holiday experience possible, asking a charter company the right questions saves you from any unwanted surprises. Below are some important questions that should be asked at the onset of renting a sailboat or yacht.

Is the fuel included in the total price?

It is no surprise that fuel can be costly, especially for large vessels. Frequently motor yacht charters do not include fuel costs, so keep this in mind when budgeting your sailing holiday.

Are there any post-sailing cleaning fees?

If it is not all-inclusive, the chances are that there may be post-sailing cleaning fees that are tacked onto the final bill. Inquire any questions about such services, even if you plan to be very orderly and neat onboard.

Are the meals included in the package?

Meals may or may not be included in a sailing package, especially if there is not a chef present onboard. This is a very important question to ask so you can pack extra food and snacks if necessary.

Choose the right Halkidiki sailing boat for unforgettable holidays

A day of sailing in Halkidiki’s sparkling blue waters is amazing, and selecting the right sailboat or yacht can make all the difference for an unforgettable sailing experience. All boats have their unique qualities and characteristics that are perfect for some and not right for others. Allinblusive Private Cruises from Halkidiki offers an extensive fleet of mint condition, modern, and safe sailing boats that are guaranteed to fulfill your checklist. Whether you have a need for speed, or wish to float calmly through the Aegean, we have the right boat wait for you for your Halkidiki sailing experience.