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Greek food secrets you must know

two glasses of red wine

very local cuisine has some special secrets that make it distinctive and unique. Mediterranean food and especially the Greek food has ancient ingredients that make the difference.

Explore them this summer!

For over 3000 years, Greeks are producing Wine, Feta Cheese, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Olives and Yogurt

Wine production and wine drinking are real old Greek habits. Fresh white wine like Moschofilero or Nihteri Santorini are the wines you must enjoy by the sea. Combine them with fresh seafood, grilled or fried. Red wines are also very famous in Greece. These match better with your meat dishes with Giros or pork and lamb chops.

Olive oil and especially extra virgin olive oil is the elixir of gods. The liquid gold and the number one export product of Greece. Taste it on your bread and pure it in your Greek Salad which of course will include Feta cheese.


Feta cheese is made from goat and sheep milk and a secret recipe that makes it also unique. Don’t make the common mistake and confuse it with the white cheese. Feta is a Greek traditional product that you must taste as a side dish with every meal. It can also be grilled, cooked with fresh tomato or added in your breakfast pie.


Talking about Greek Salad, there is one more Greek deli in there. Olives! There are several types of olives in Greece, green or black, small or big, stuffed with pepperoni, almonds or pepper. They satisfy every taste.

We are concluding this small journey to the taste of Greece with yoghurt. This one is mainly made from cow’s milk. It is sold almost everywhere in Greece. Fresh in many types and different tastes. With low, normal or full fat, with fruits and even as a refreshment. Ideal for your breakfast. Try it with honey and nuts – it is said to be the Greek viagra.

This summer become the Greek deli insider.

No more secret tastes!

Enjoy the ultimate and ancient cuisine!