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Dos and Don’ts while in Greece

Wonderful beach in Greece

Do try as much Greek dishes as possible. Ideally, combine meat dishes with retsina or local wine and fish dishes with ouzo or tsipouro! Pizza comes with tasty Greek beer.

Greeks do have table manners, but when with friends, they like sharing their plates as well as dipping their bread in sauces or olive oil!

Do take care of your health insurance. For most of the countries, a Greece Visa travel insurance is needed.

Be open to meeting new people and do accept invitations from locals. Greeks are so hospitable that they can invite you to their home for dinner or ask you to join them for a trip. Just say “Ne” (means Yes)!!

Do join a party no matter if it is early in the afternoon or late at night and dance till exhaustion!

Give tips! Although it is not a rule, it is very common to leave a tip to the people that served you.

Learn some Greek words in advance like kalimera (good morning), kalinixta (good night), gia su (hello to you), efharisto (thank you)

Do visit archaeological places. Even if you are not a history lover, spend some time to admire the beauty of ancient Greek monuments and get a local to tell you a story and explain you the hidden secrets behind it. Behave to the signs (“Do not touch”, “Do not take photos” etc.)

Don’t get too many clothes with you! Weather is normally warm and people do not judge others for clothing. So, for a summer holiday in Greece just the basics! The simpler, the better!

Do not underestimate the power of the Greek alcoholic drinks! Drink a small portion of ouzo, tsipouro or raki, at least, to get to know them better!!

Yes, smoke prohibition signals are placed everywhere. Yes, you are allowed to smoke under most of them. Although there is a law that prohibits smoking in public places, it does not strict at all in Greece.

Yes, refugees pass through Greek islands to save their life. But why should this change your travel plans? Greece is a safe, beautiful destination. Turn of your TVs and come to check the status yourself!!