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Do you accept the challenge of a water sport activity?

water sports kite boarder

Alice, a friend of mine from the UK asked me today: “Other than swimming, how can I enjoy the Greek crystal clear sea water this summer?”. Well, I needed nothing more than that to start writing to her on Facebook about SOME of the water sports that she has to try a.s.a.p.

“The simplest one is Snorkeling! You just need a diving mask or goggles. Clear water in Greece makes it easy to come closer to the numerous fishes and discover the multicolour seabed.

Then SUP or Stand Up Paddle although it counts many years of existence it has become very popular lately.  As its name says, you stay up on a board and move by using a paddle. You either use it to make races with your friends (last one pays the bill) or to go around the cliffs of the beach!


Tubing!!! It is amazing, fun and can drive your adrenaline really high!! You can choose between different kinds of tubes, be towed by a ripper boat and maybe find yourself flying in the air after passing through waves!!!!

When it comes to a calm sea, Water skiing is the best to try! You are being towed while wearing your two skis and have to find your balance in order to stay on the water surface! Your company can join you on the motor boat and have some fun also on you when you fall!! (That is what happened with me, we all enjoyed)

Barefooting. I have never tried this water sport, but! You go faster than when wearing skis it must be heartbreaking!

For the most adventurous ones like you, Wakeboarding is a combination of waterski, snowboard, and surf! This 3 in 1 water activity can boost your excitement!!

And come on!!! When it comes to Flyboard I have not much to say. Just S-U-P-E-R. One picture is a thousand words!

You can also do some more extreme sports. If you are into this Kitesurf and.… why not Foiling Kitesurf is what you will enjoy! The speed record of a kite surfer till now is 50.26 knots!!!!!


Are these not enough water sports for you?? Then I suggest Windsurfing, Dinghy or Catamaran sailing, Canoeing, Fishing, Surfing, Skinny dipping!


But after trying all this you will surely need a Parasailing ride to catch up your breath and admire the beauty of the Greek land from above, the green colour of the forests, the gold of the sand, the blue of the sea and sky, before ending up lying on the deck of your boat and having a Mojito cocktail.»

“Then I will probably need more than one week of all-inclusive Sailing Cruising vacation to try all these!!!! Have to fix my schedule!! Can’t wait!!!!! ”