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Daily Sailing Halkidiki – Halkidiki Cruises | Allinblusive

People enjoying the water from a boat

Daily Sailing in Halkidiki: 5 Things you need to know before booking your first Sailing Experience in Halkidiki

Suppose you have found yourself vacationing in Halkidiki and looking for a literally in and out of the blue activity to spice up your holiday. A daily sailing trip in Halkidiki gives you access to countless remote beaches, dreamy lagoons, coves, and virgin, paradisiac landscapes. Unlike other Greece places, you don’t need to spend a fortune to join a sailing cruise in Halkidiki. Feel carefree and experience the endless turquoise coastlines without having to merge with the crowds. Save yourself some time from researching each detail, and read on to learn the basics before booking a hassle-free daily sailing trip in Halkidiki’s splendid azure waters.

What are the best beaches to sail through in Halkidiki?

Halkidiki boasts the perfect combination of virgin landscapes, hidden bays, and coves that bring all your senses to life. Sandy or pebbled, secluded, or organised, the beaches of Halkidiki can found in abundance that compensates even the most particular of visitors. A sailing boat in Halkidiki can take you to beaches where other means of transport can’t. Now have a look at the best beaches to sail through while in Halkidiki.

Daily sailing on Kassandra Beaches

Kassandra, the leftmost prοng of Halkidiki, boasts аn endless strip of sandy and pеbbled coastlines with crystal-clear turquoise waters. Favoured by locals, most beaches on Kassandra are organised and offer all amenities, from beach bars to restaurants, hotels, and entertainment options. Please find out more about the locals’ favourite beaches and opt for a daily sailing trip around Kassandra to experience them all.

Possidi beach

Possidi beach spreads in expansions of golden sand surrounded by mesmerising waters and rich vegetation. The rugged cape extends to a long chain of shallow, sandy beaches. There you’ll find beach bars and restaurants at a stone’s throw.

Afitos beach

Afitos beach is one of the bluest beaches one may find around the area. After swimming, please spare some time to visit the village al. Cobblestoned streets and traditional architecture make it a gem worth experiencing.

Kalithea beach

Kallithea beach is among the most visited and most organised beaches of Halkidiki. Gifted with a lush background and a fine sandy coastline, Kallithea is often frequent by young people. The area offers excellent amenities for families to have a hassle-free holiday.

Pefkohori beach.

Pefkohori boasts a long sandy beach with transparent blue waters. The area is very well-visited, and its promenade is full of restaurants, traditional taverns, and bars. Despite the crowds, the water is always clear, and the area is a delight to visit.

Chrousso beach (Paliouri)

Chrousso beach is an off-the-beaten-track destination. Hidden in a small bay, its long stretch of shallow water and soft sand makes for an ideal choice for families with young children. The water is enticingly transparent, and the landscape is simply enchanting.

Daily sailing on Sithonia Beaches

With over 100 beaches to sail through, Sithonia is a well-kept secret among the locals. It comprises a mainly unspoiled coastline, and in contrast with the beaches on Kassandra, it appeals to those in search of a more raw, natural wild beauty. With cerulean blue, shallow waters, day-sailing through Sithonia gives you access to more paradisiac landscapes than you can even imagine. Here are some of the locals’ favourite beaches, so take note.

Spathies beach

Spathies beach is an unspoiled curved sandy mainland beach surrounded by shady pine trees and large rocks. It is known for its impressive lagoon. Spathies beach can found among the cliffs and lush vegetation.

St John beach

St John beach covered with soft sand and emerald waters. Loved by the crowds, it is an ideal place to cherish a relaxing swim break. St John offers all amenities with an organised beach bar that hosts various parties throughout the year.

Akti Kalogrias beach

Akti Kalogrias is a well-frequented beach with delicate sand and turquoise waters. It features a picturesque stone islet in the middle of the bay, and in addition to snorkelling and sunbathing. It is ideal for water sports and entertainment.

Porto Karras beach

Porto Karras is a sandy shoreline with a sprawling, high-end waterfront resort. It’s emerald waters and silky sand, along with pine trees, compose a unique landscape. A rustic setting and organised coastline make for a luxurious day swim.

Porto Koufo beach

Porto Koufo is the largest natural harbour in Greece. With huge rocks rising above a bay, it gives the impression of swimming in a lake. It offers spectacular views across the gulf, perfect for absolute relaxation and marked by coves and wooded hills.

Kelifos (Turtle island) beach

Kelifos is a small uninhabited island floating on the water. Full of pines and wild olive trees, Kelifos features a diverse coastline. Its blue and green charm and colourful scenery make it an ideal place for scuba diving enthusiasts.

What are the best Halkidiki Daily Sailing Itineraries?

If you are sipping your drink while wondering about what to do next, then think no further and treat yourself with a sailing trip around Halkidiki’s majestic beaches. While on the yacht, access beaches unreachable on foot to swim in crystal clear blue-green waters. Immerse yourself into an idyllic scenery that can recharge not only your body but also your spirit and soul. Considering all the above, we’ve drafted two daily sailing itineraries that help you dive into Halkidiki’s paradisiac scenery and explore the hidden gems as a local would.

One-day sailing experience itinerary in Kassandra

Start your Halkidiki daily sailing trip from Nea Fokea

Start your sailing trip from Nea Fokea, on the northern tip of the Kassandra Peninsula. Nea Fokea is a developing port where fishing boats supply the local taverns with fresh produce from the gulf. Make sure you take advantage of it and have a quick aperitivo before starting your sailing itinerary.

Head to the picturesque village of Afytos

Head to Afytos, Halkidiki’s most picturesque hilltop village. With its paved stone alleys for walks, and historic churches dating back to 1858, Afytos is a quaint village worth getting lost in it. Enjoy the area’s lush greenery, transparent turquoise waters, and significant expansions of a sandy coastline.

Choose Kallithea or Pefkohori for a lively daybreak

Sail towards Kallithea for joyous daybreak. Kallithea draws summer crowds to its pine-fringed beaches and waterfront. Similarly, opt to stop in Pefkohori, whose promenade is bustling with life, beach bars, and traditional taverns. Ideally, combine both to make the most out of your day cruise.

Avoid the crowds and relax in Chrousso Beach.

Enjoy your sailing trip towards Chrousso beach. Hidden in a small bay, it represents a quieter version of summer vacation, while its long stretch of shallow blue water makes it an ideal choice for families with young children. Marvel at this hidden gem and pamper yourself far from the crowds.

One-day sailing experience itinerary in Sithonia

Start your Halkidiki sailing trip from Nikiti.

Start from Nikiti and find yourself in a pleasant quandary, thinking whether you should hit the road, explore the mountains, or opt for a sailing trip. Nikiti is an ideal town to have access to both sides of the peninsula.

Swim amidst lush vegetation in Spathies

Head to Spathies beach, a virgin area, and swim in an impressive lagoon surrounded by lush vegetation and cliffs. Lay down a towel, relax, and seize the day. Indulge in the splendid virgin scenery to recharge your body and soul.

Dive into Akti Kalogrias’ azure waters

Stop at Akti Kalogrias, a well-frequented place loved by the locals. Treat yourself to a dive into crystal-clear waters. Enjoy the grandeur of the region’s natural landscape and browse through magical views.
Swim in secluded beaches far from the crowds and the city’s hassles. Watch the sun fade away among small coves and live in the moment.

Explore Porto Karras’ charming bays

Have a break at Porto Karras and its charming little bays. Swim in secluded beaches far from the crowds and the city’s hassles. Watch the sun fade away among small coves and live in the moment.

Discover the unrevealed Turtle Island

Discover the Turtle Island, also known as Kelifos. Explore the caves formed by the surrounding steep cliffs and dive into the island’s rich underwater fauna and flora. Get inspired by the natural beauty and meet the wild goats, the island’s only inhabitants.

Have a lunch break in Porto Koufo

Sail straight ahead towards Porto Koufo, Greece’s largest natural harbour. Have a lunch break and enjoy fresh fish daily delivered from the local fisherman to your table.

How to choose the perfect craft for sailing holidays in Halkidiki?

When planning your day cruise in Halkidiki, luckily for you, there’s a great variety of crafts at your disposal. Safety should be your top priority, and the vessel you choose should meet all standards while offering plenty of comfort. Whether you travel with family, solo, or a group of friends, find the one that accommodates your needs. Set the right expectations, as it all comes down to your personal preferences. The most common types of boats offered for daily sailing in Halkidiki are yachts and catamarans. Since the professional nautical terms are never easy to understand, start taking notes on the types of crafts. They might come in handy when booking your first daily sailing trip in Halkidiki.

Sailing on a yacht

Yachts, also called single-deck vessels or monohulls, use their sails or an engine to move with. They can be quite high, but since they’re relatively narrow, they’re always easy to find a berth at the marina. Sailing yachts are the safest types of vessels, as speed is not their strongest point. They’re more fuel-efficient than other types of boats as they’re primarily powered by wind and sails. Sailing yachts feature a large cockpit, while the deck layout is clear and uncluttered, equipped with wide side decks and a resilient non-slip surface for easy movement while under sail. These vessels are ideal for a comfortable and relaxing sailing day cruise.

Sailing on a catamaran

Catamarans are multihull vessels powered by two engines along with sails. Unlike yachts, the catamarans don’t heel at a strong wave and wind. They’re easy to manoeuvre and anchor due to their size, allowing them to get closer to the shore. Catamarans being wider than monohulls, catamarans are favoured among larger groups of people as they offer higher comfort and living space to enjoy the outdoors. If you’re looking for the next level of relaxation while on board, then a catamaran is the right option. Bear in mind that catamarans are usually more expensive when it comes to docking; thus, if you’re on a bareboat trip, it is better to look for a secluded area to anchor.

Sailing on a bareboat charter vs crewed

Before booking your first daily sailing trip in Halkidiki, make sure you know whether you’re up for a crewed charter. A bareboat charter allows you to sail around, be spontaneous and go with the flow. It recommended contacting your charter provider to clarify the basic license requirements and check availability. A crewed charter, on the other hand, makes for a more relaxing sailing trip. You can sip your drink while sunbathing without having to worry about anchoring or planning the next stop. A skipper is entirely at your disposal to guide you through hidden gems and guarantee a laid-back sailing experience.

What is the usual cost for day sailing cruises in Halkidiki?

Opting for a sailing experience in Halkidiki is much cheaper than looking around other Greek islands, which hold a more widespread reputation and rip you off when booking. Dive into the sparkling blue water and swim in isolated locations without having to dip into your savings. The costs obviously may vary, always depending on your needs and requirements.

Semi-Private Day Sailing Cruises Costs

For those not willing to spend a fortune to enjoy some Mediterranean blue, there’s a great range of semi-private day trips to choose from, all around Kassandra and Sithonia. Join a full-day trip, a half-day trip, or decide to spend a romantic evening with your better half on a sunset sailing trip, where the costs are not unreasonable. Get the chance to reach some of Halkidiki’s best beaches and immerse yourself in a memorable and affordable sailing experience. Have a look at the suggested rates to understand better what to expect before booking your first daily sailing trip in Halkidiki.

High Season Rates – From May 23rd to September 20th

● Half-day Semi-Private Cruises: Starting from 110 euro per person
● Full-day Semi-Private Cruises: Starting from 150 euro per person
● Sunset Semi-Private Cruises: Starting from 80 euro per person

Private Day Sailing Cruises Costs

If you’re travelling with a group of friends, organising a hen or stag party, or simply looking for a sailing charter to host your special occasion, then opt for a private daily cruise. If a full-day trip is too much for you, book a half-day or a sunset cruise to breathe in the romantic ambience. Remember, sharing is caring: bring your friends and family onboard, split the cost and cut down on your budget. The rates may range depending on the trip and vessel you’ll choose. Take notes on some approximates so that not caught off guard when booking your private day sailing experience in Halkidiki

High Season Rates – From May 23rd to September 20th

● Half-day Private Cruises: from 900 to 1750 euro per boat
● Full-day Private Cruises: from 1750 to 2800 euro per boat
● Sunset Private Cruises: from 250 to 700 euro per boat

Sailing offseason perks

If wishing to book a sailing trip during the low season, contact us to get the best option for you after assessing your needs. Keep in mind that the prices are dropping starting from September to May. As a result, organising a special event – let’s say an anniversary party on board- would not require you to put your hand deep into your pocket. Party hard during daily sailing in Halkidiki!

What are daily Sailing Experiences in Halkidiki available?

Now that you’ve reached the end get ready for the day cruise of a lifetime. Halkidiki’s pristine, crystal clear waters and curvy coastlines are awaiting your arrival. Life is a puzzle of experiences and happy moments. Book your first daily sailing experience in Halkidiki with Allinblusive and let the experts sail you through. At Allinblusive, we aim to provide our customers with a daylong sailing trip featuring actual VIP treatment. In cooperation with leading resorts in Greece, we are an exclusive private and public cruise provider for their customers, making the elusive complete during their holidays.

What’s an Allinblusive Cruise?

Book an all-inclusive sailing cruise to save yourself some time from stressing and planning every detail of your journey. With an Allinblusive cruise, you can forget about the extra costs and immerse yourself into an ultimate value-for-money experience around Halkidiki. Our yachts are all in mint condition, and all our cruises include an experienced and skilled captain and a hostess to make your voyage truly VIP. Complimentary on all cruises, one may have snacks, fruit salads, local delights, Greek yoghurt, cold water, soft drinks, and beers. Additionally, stops in restaurants planned during our full-day cruises.

The fuel cost only included in our catamaran and sailing cruises. Motor yacht cruises do NOT include fuel costs.

What included in the booking price?

To sum it up for you, here’s what you get included in the booking price once you decide to proceed with reserving a daylong all-inclusive sailing experience. When you book a sailing holiday through Allinblusive, the booking price for any of our sailing holidays includes the yacht, the captain, fuel and mooring fees, and a 14-day free cancellation period.


  • Snacks and soft drinks
  • Beer and wine
  • Fruit salad and Greek yoghurt
  • Room service food serving
  • Snorkelling gear
  • Towels* & jackets
  • Spotify music
  • SUP
  • SeaDoo Sea Scouter
  • Internet access
  • All fees and taxes
  • 24% VAT
  • VAN transfer upon extra cost
  • VIP members card

Additionally, when on private tours, all our yachts feature a well-equipped kitchen with cutlery. Feel free to bring onboard your drinks and provisions for your special occasions.

Available Daily Sailing Experiences in Halkidiki

Enjoy the experience of Allinblusive at the best value for money, and get a free cancellation period of 14 days upon your booking. Please take advantage of our free credits and save money. Remember, our pricing policy is very flexible and rewards for the early bookers. Take the next step and book a memorable sailing experience with Allinblusive.

Available Allinblusive tours:

Half-day Sailing Cruise in Halkidiki
Private Full-day Sailing Trips in Halkidiki
Sunset Halkidiki Sailing Cruise

Surprise your family and loved ones with a mind-blowing sailing trip in Halkidiki. Propose to your other half in a magical setting. Party in style and celebrate any special occasion in a secure, exclusive and dreamy environment. With so many options, sailing around Halkidiki with Allinblusive is going to be an experience of a lifetime.