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A Romantic Escape by the Sea

Nice sunset from the beach

One day in Halkidiki is a treat for the eyes, but eight days suffice to get a good taste of region’s vibrancy and romantic sensation. One hour away from Thessaloniki’s International Airport – Greece (SKG) is located a hot Mediterranean destination for demanding beach seekers, cuisine lovers AND romantic dreamers.   Begin your exploration in…

That’s Chalkidiki

Chalkidiki panoramic view

“CHALKIDIKI” is a large peninsula and a part of the region of Central Macedonia located in Northern Greece. It includes three legs (fingers) named Kassandra, Sithonia and the autonomous Mount Athos and is full of wonderful beaches. The principal Greek pilgrims originated around the 8th century BC there and established urban areas, such as Toroni, Scione,…

Do you accept the challenge of a water sport activity?

water sports kite boarder

Alice, a friend of mine from the UK asked me today: “Other than swimming, how can I enjoy the Greek crystal clear sea water this summer?”. Well, I needed nothing more than that to start writing to her on Facebook about SOME of the water sports that she has to try a.s.a.p. “The simplest one is Snorkeling!…

Sani Swan Private Cruises the AllinBlusive way.

enjoying sunset on a yacht

PRIVATE DAILY CRUISES IN HALKIDIKI This summer as you are enjoying your holiday in Halkidiki Greece, we propose AllinBlusive private cruises departing from Sani Resort with Sani Swan. The number one way to explore nearby beaches which are inaccessible by car. At Sani Marina which is located in Sani Resort, you can find and book Sani Swan….

Blue Flags 2016

Blue Flag award

On the 25 of May in Halkidiki, Greece the Blue Flags organisation awarded the 2016 Blue Flags awards. Greece reached the 3rd place within 50 other countries worldwide with 430 beaches, climbing one place since the last year 2015 with 25 more beaches, overtaking France. Specially Halkidiki is the number one region in Greece with the total of 52…

8 space saving tips for summer holidays

woman holding a trolley

Oh… When it comes to packing the suitcase!!! What to pack? Will this be appropriate? For 8-days, how many T-shirts? Underwears? Shoes? And this suitcase… is it small enough for the plane? Shall I pack my high heels? Let’s get some more, just in case! Well, most of us have been in a similar situation…

A day on sailing boat: Does this fit to me?

boat pictures collage

Let’s get to know what kind of sailing boat someone can sail on! Boards are very popular for sailing near the beach as they combine surfing with sailing. There are different types of boards and sails depending on one’s body weight, height and strength. This is a one man’s show! A dinghy is the smallest…