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Post-COVID-19 and corporate responsibility

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Μετα-COVID-19 Εταιρική ευθύνη Είναι περισσότερο από το ένα τέταρτο του τρέχοντος έτους που βιώνουμε απρόβλεπτες καταστάσεις. Είναι επίσης αδιαμφισβήτητο ότι η μετα-COVID-19 εποχή θα μεταμορφώσει διάφορους τομείς της καθημερινής ανθρώπινης ζωής. Οι περισσότερες χώρες, μετά το σοκ του κλειδώματος, ξεκίνησαν την επανεκκίνηση του «πίσω» στην κανονική ζωή. Κατά τη διάρκεια αυτής της πανδημίας άτομα, εταιρείες,…

After COVID-19 Social Distancing

sosial distancing

Μετά το COVID-19 Social Distancing εμπειρίες – δραστηριότητες – διακοπές Παρουσιάζουμε το soSEAl απομακρύνοντας την ιδανική πύλη για απομόνωση, ιδιωτικότητα, ασφάλεια και ευχαρίστηση για την εποχή μετά το COVID.   Το 2020 ήταν ένα έτος ορόσημο ακόμη και πριν από την άφιξή του για διάφορους λόγους. Ακόμα, την αυγή του, όλοι συνειδητοποιήσαμε ότι θα ήταν…

TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence

Certificate of excellence 2019 Allinblusive TripAdvisor

AllinBlusive  Private Cruises EARNS 2019 TRIPADVISOR CERTIFICATE OF EXCELLENCE   Halkidiki , Greece May 2019 AllinBlusive Private Cruises  today announced that it has received a TripAdvisor® Certificate of Excellence. Now in its ninth year, the achievement celebrates businesses that are consistently excellent – having earned great traveller reviews on TripAdvisor over the past year. Certificate…

Blue Flag 2019

AllinBlusive blue flag award

  Thessaloniki 14thMay 2019 PRESS RELASE The Hellenic Society for Nature Conservation, National Operator of the Blue Flag International Program in Greece, announced the award of coast, marinas and sustainable tourism vessels. With 515 award-winning coasts, Greece ranks 2nd in the world among 47 countries. It is worth noting that this year, in all 47…

AllinBlusive GOLD winner in TOURISM AWARDS 2019

Tourism Awards 2019

AllinBlusive GOLD winner in TOURISM AWARDS 2019 The awards The award Winning company, AllinBlusive honoured with the Gold award in the “Sea Tourism – Sailing” category, and a Silver Award in the “VIP and Luxury services” at the Tourism Awards 2019 during a ceremony recently held in Athens. Chris Kaliptsidis of AllinBlusive with Mr Palaiologos of HotelBrain

Best Activities in Halkidiki

Best things to do in Halkidiki

Travellers wondering, what are the best activities in Halkidiki. Turquoise-colored waters, golden sand beaches stretching, picturesque villages and plenty of traditional taverns. Halkidiki offers some of the best experiences for everyone. There are several ways to discover the true sensations of Halkidiki. We selected the most significant experiences for you to have the time of…

What to pack for your convenience on a private cruise.

woman enjoying a sailing day on a yacht

 Private cruise? What to pack for your convenience What to pack for your private cruise is an obvious questions for day travellers. You don’t have to take a long cruise to experience the benefits of getting away. Day cruises are a perfect way to un-wind and re-set. Before you head to the boat  make sure you know what…

Blue Flag 2018

people showing the blue flag

Athens 9/5/2018 Five hundred nine (519) Greek coasts. Fifteen (15) marinas. One (1) sustainable tourism vessel won this year’s international award for “BLUE FLAG“. Above all Greece ranked 2nd Worldwide in 2018. Announced by the Greek Society for Nature Conservation (National Society for the Protection of Nature). The National Operator of the International Blue Flag…