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Blue Flag 2020- Private Cruises

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2020 Blue Flag awards.

We are sure that while on beach holidays you ‘ve noticed on some beaches a Blue Flag flying ashore. The Blue Flag is the world’s trademark of sustainability, responsibility and eco-friendly sea services.

All criteria to award a BLUE FLAG to a beach, marina or a boat are very thought and strict.

A yacht to claim the right to fly a Blue Flag must fulfil 51 criteria to considered responsible and sustainable operation.

Greece is the second county out of 50 countries with a total over 4700 sites to awarded 13% of all BLUE FLAGS worldwide.

AllinBlusive this year is the only private cruises company in the Mediterranean Sea to fly on its six yachts the Blue Flag for 2020.

This year, even if the pandemic crisis of COVID-19, responsible private cruises are the best isolation place to spend your holidays, the modern word this year is Social distancing to have real private space for your holidays. AllinBlusive in the ultimate place to guarantee and quarantine – your soSEAl distancing so don’t think of it!

We all know that holidays are the best part of the year for every member of the family but a private cruise, an AllinBlusive private journey is the best part of your holidays! Don’t risk it!

Cruise with the World’s Leading Private Cruise company, cruise with the best, cruise responsibly, cruise with AllinBlusive.