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Blue Flag 2018

people showing the blue flag

Athens 9/5/2018

Five hundred nine (519) Greek coasts. Fifteen (15) marinas. One (1) sustainable tourism vessel won this year’s international award for “BLUE FLAG“.

Above all Greece ranked 2nd Worldwide in 2018.

Announced by the Greek Society for Nature Conservation (National Society for the Protection of Nature). The National Operator of the International Blue Flag Program in our Greece, the Coast and Marine Awards. With 519 award-winning coastlines, Greece is ranked 2nd in the world among 47 countries. It is worth noting that this year, in all 47 countries participating in the Program, Greece held 12% of the total awards. First in Greece this year, with 89 flags, was the Regional Unity of Chalkidiki. The International Commission awarded this year 3,687 coasts, 679 marinas and 55 sustainable tourism boats all over the world.

The annual announcement of the “Blue Flag” Program Awards took place today in Paralio Astros, attended by many representatives of the state and sectoral Tourism agencies.

The first sustainable tourism boat in Greece and whole eastern Mediterranean sea is Sani Swan a boat of AllinBlusive therefore  we are very proud for this .