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Best Activities in Halkidiki

Best things to do in Halkidiki

Travellers wondering, what are the best activities in Halkidiki.

Turquoise-colored waters, golden sand beaches stretching, picturesque villages and plenty of traditional taverns. Halkidiki offers some of the best experiences for everyone. There are several ways to discover the true sensations of Halkidiki. We selected the most significant experiences for you to have the time of your life.

Sani Swan Sani Resort

Sani Swan Sani Resort

4. Underwater treasures

Located on the first peninsula of Halkidiki, near Sani Resort the shipwreck of “Mitilini”, a 1962 motorship is resting on the bottom of the sea. This vessel was used to transfer goods like olive oil, cereal and wine to the island of Mytilini. Even today, when one scuba dives in the area he gets to see the well preserved shipwreck as well as some of the remaining wine bottles still standing to the test of time. Book your visit there through the Guest Relations desk of Sani Resort.


3. Go back in time.

One of the few places in Halkidiki where you can travel back in time just through walking, is the old city of Afytos. One of the most ancient specimens of civilization in Halkidiki dating back to 3000 B.C. used to live here. This town was constructed and is still standing on the edge of a rock. Choose an afternoon from your stay to spend there, try the local delicacies, walk around charming alleys. Finally, don’t forget to have a cocktail on one of the bars located on the edge of the rock elevated above the sea. It is also a great idea for a date night. You can visit Afytos by car, bus or taxi.

2.Holy Mountain

The third peninsula of Halkidiki called Athos is characterised by its religious significance. Acting as municipality, the Holy Mountain is a sacred destination for the Orthodox Church. On this holy grounds are located 18 monasteries as well as a Russian and a Serbian Monastery. Since 970 A.D. access to the female population is prohibited. As for men an appointment must be made before scheduling their visit with the daily limit of visitors being 100. But don’t worry, you can still enjoy the magnificent scenery and this UNESCO monuments by sea. With daily fairies from the third peninsula, in Ouranoupoli. But you are located in the peninsula of Kassandra and you’d like a more private experience Allinblusive can arrange your personal cruise into the waters of Athos mountain.

1.The Joy of a Private Cruise

Live your vacation on the fullest by treating you and your family on an all day private cruise. Enjoy your day by swimming in the crystal clear waters of a secluded beach while your own exclusive hostess will serve you chilled champagne and seasonal fruits. Have your lunch on a traditional greek tavern or a gourmet restaurant prepared always with local ingredients. Let the kids discover the sea by snorkeling and paddling. And maybe if you are lucky enough you could witness a pod of dolphins saluting the yacht. Book now your spot under the greek sun and over the Aegean sea through the website of AllinBlusive. Don’t wait, adventure is only a click away! and its not a coincidence that AllinBlusive is the #1 thing to do in Sani according to Trip Advisor