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Best part of holidays

Yacht view from below

What is the best part of holidays is the major question for every traveler.

Sheduling holidays ?  The fact is that most of travellers spend long time to book the most affordable airplane ticket, then the most economic hotel , and the most suitable car from an online OTA.

But is this what you take back home when your holidays are over ? the answer is definitely NO !

It’s a common knowledge that the most valuable things money can buy are not things and therefor people decided to collect experiences than things.

When travelling abroad, or even on your home town its strongly recommended to search for some local activities and experiences.

What we recommend for the area of Thessaloniki in Greece and Halkidiki almost all year round is a private cruise.

For us in allinblusive your memories are the most valuable service we offer and we do it ! watch our video

Had day , full day or even a sunset are some options to escape the ordinary and feel the magic, so don’t wait book a private cruise now with your friends or family and compete the puzzle of your memories collection.

AllinBlusve private cruises

AllinBlusve private cruises