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Halkidiki Sailing Cruises: Best Sailing Routes and Itineraries for Cruises in Halkidiki

Halkidiki sailing cruises - a man riding on the back of a boat in a body of water

Are you eagerly awaiting your Halkidiki holiday and wondering which exhilarating activities to engage it to make it more than just a regular beach holiday? If you fantasise about exploring secluded beaches, glimmering blue waters, and sandy coastlines all from an unparalleled viewpoint on the sea, Halkidiki sailing cruises await for you to climb aboard. At an affordable cost, but never skimping on spectacular views, sailing in Halkidiki is one of the most exciting things to do in northern Greece. Learn all about the best sailing itineraries and things to do in each stop, as well as the exciting additional routes along the way, to ensure you experience the Greek sailing holidays you’ve always wanted!

The best Halkidiki sailing cruises itineraries

An array of carefully crafted itineraries are designed to fit the needs and wishes of all who step aboard for an enthralling day of sailing in Halkidiki. The meticulously selected pathways take you from one crystalline beach to the next, all the while experiencing the stunning blue-green waters and unspoiled coastlines. Various stops are made depending on the duration, but all take place on a state-of-the-art yacht with excellent amenities. Presented below is a classic full-day tour, which takes place in either the Kassandra or Sithonia regions of Halkidiki.

Full-day tour in Kassandra

Kassandra, located furthest west on what is referred to as the “first leg” of Halkidiki, is known for its bustling nightlife, countless amenities, and of course spectacular and pristine beaches. A sailing trip to the various beaches in Kassandra is a paradistic and calming experience to see some of the best that Greece has to offer. Presented below is a full-day itinerary with activities and things to see in each stop.

Kick things off in Nea Fokea

Hop aboard your Halkidiki sailing cruises in Nea Fokea in northern Kassandra. Nea Fokea is a seaside village bustling with restaurants, seafood tavernas, and cafes. Fuel up on an ice-cold frappé, a local caffeinated favourite, before beginning your picturesque journey at sea.

Cruise to stunning Afytos

Set sail down the coast to Afytos, one of the true gems of Kassandra and a can’t-miss spot for your ideal sailing holidays. Perched high above the Toroneos Gulf, it combines a mountainous ambience, charming architecture, and vast stretches of untarnished blue waters. Afytos is a fantastic combination of laid back Greek charm, breathtaking beaches, and a beautiful stretch of sandy coastline.

Keep it cool in Kalithea

Continue on your Halkidiki sailing cruises south towards Kalithea, one of the most popular villages in all of Halkidiki. Cosmopolitan Kalithea is a popular daybreak destination whose ethereal beauty of pine tree-ladened coasts offer a sweet escape from the Greek sun. Head to one of the many sumptuous bars along the promenade for a cool cocktail before hopping back on your sailing boat..

Uncover the many sides of  Polychrono

Head towards Polychrono, full of rich history and home to the ancient city of Neapolis. Bursting with a lovely array of pine, olive, and palm trees, it is full of lively beach bars nestled among the golden sand. With its many organised beaches, Polychrono is an excellent place to engage in watersports including sea bikes, jet skis, and kayaks before resuming your sailing in Halkidiki.

Chill out on Chrousso Beach

Finish your tour in Chrousso Beach, is a dreamy escape of shallow, sparkling waters perfect for a leisurely swim. Adorned with plush beach beds and umbrellas, it is an organised beach whose velvety and endless views of the blue horizon makes you feel at ease. Excellent beach bars featuring DJs and colourful cocktails will make you want to stay on Chrousso until the sun goes down!

Full-day tour in Sithonia

The “second leg” and very middle of Halkidiki is Sithonia, a bucolic dreamscape that is regarded as being home to some of the best beaches in all of Greece. The quieter and more secluded answer to Kassandra, Sithonia is what sailing holidays are all about for those who crave untamed natural beauty.

Start in Nikiti

Begin your enthralling day at sea in Nikiti, a lovely coastal town bursting with natural beauty. Its lovely promenade, a recent luxe addition to the village, is lined with bars, restaurants and cafes. Take a leisurely walk along the pathway before grabbing a refreshing drink on one of the many beachfront patios. Sit back, relax, and look out onto the seemingly endless aquamarine water.

Feel amazed in Spathies Beach

Upon reaching Spathies, you are sure to feel that as if you have discovered a secret paradise. Though there is a larger beach with velvety sand and crystal clear waters, it is the lagoon tucked between several smaller beaches that is truly spectacular. Surrounded by cliffs and lush pine trees protects the lagoon water from the wind, making it ideal for a calm, leisurely swim in perfect surroundings.

Swim freely in Akti Kalogrias

Your sailing trip continues south to Akti Kalogrias, a quiet beach surrounded by soft sand and mesmerising blue waters. With no bars, restaurants, or sunbeds present, it is a virgin paradise that has been nearly untouched by man. Its calm waters beckon you for rejuvenating swim. Don’t forget your goggles so you can see all the activity that lies beneath the surface!

Discover the lovely bays in Porto Karras

Continue to Porto Karras, home to one of Halkidiki’s most fabulous resorts and casinos located on its namesake beach. The crystal blue waters of Porto Karras offer picturesque scenery, so be camera ready! Gain access to the surrounding little bays which feature lush landscapes, sparkling waters, and golden sand.

Savour lunch in Porto Koufo

Is there anything better than after a day on a sailing boat than savouring a tasty meal? As your Halkidiki sailing cruise docks in the captivating Porto Koufo harbour, a small fishing village. Enjoy fresh seafood that was caught mere metres from your table. Wash it down with ouzou or tsipouro, strong Greek liquors which pair perfectly with salty fish, and enjoy the spectacular view of the blue green waters in front of you.

Additional routes during the Halkidiki sailing cruises in Kassandra

Discover some of our absolute favourite beaches in Kassandra, which are visited depending on the chosen itinerary. Most beaches are highly organised and feature sunbeds and umbrellas, ideal for a day of absolute relaxation.

Possidi Beach

Comprised of bright blue waters, golden beaches and a rugged coastline, Possidi Beach is a favourite destination for sailing holidays. With a promenade lined with bars and restaurants, you could spend all day here and never get bored.


Afytos is regarded as one of Halkidiki’s most picturesques villages, with an expansive coastline perfect for a relaxing sailing trip. Its enticing velvety sand and calming waters are a beachy dream come true.

Kalithea Beach

One of Halkidki’s most organised beaches, Kalithea is a bustling village bursting with infectious energy and is popular with a younger crowd. Dive into its crystal clear and magnetic waters to discover a captivating underwater world.

Pefkohori Beach

Regarded for its bright blue calm waters, Pefkohori is an ideal swimming spot while sailing in Halkidiki. Following a therapeutic dip, head to the buzzing promenade, full of bars, restaurants and good energy.

Chrousso Beach

Known as one of the most beautiful beaches in Halkidiki, Chrousso Beach is surrounded by towering pine trees and white sand. Look out onto the blue horizon and feel amazed by the natural untouched beauty.

Additional routes during the Halkidiki sailing cruises to Sithonia

The beaches of Sithonia are nearly untouched virginistic landscapes that amaze all who visit them. It is regarded for its natural beauty and calming energy, and perfect for anyone looking to kick back and relax. Make your sailing holidays something you will never forget as you unearth some of Greece’s best beaches.

Spathies Beach

An unspoiled landscape makes Spathies Beach one of the most sought-after destinations for those who wish to discover unmatched beauty. Its blue green lagoon is surrounded by pine trees and other lush vegetation.

St. John

The soft sands and crystal blue waters of St. John are absolutely captivating. With various beach bars and organised beds and umbrellas, it is an excellent spot for a relaxing daybreak.

Akti Kalogrias

Awarded the coveted Blue Flag for excellence, Akti Kalogrias is bursting with blue waters that are crystal clear and totally inviting for a relaxing swim. Grab snorkeling gear and discover a diverse underwater world.

Porto Karras

With its inviting sandy shoreline and glimmering waters in front of its world-class luxury resort, a trip to Porto Karras is unforgettable. Swim it nearby coves for a calming and therapeutic experience.

Porto Koufo

Porto Koufo is a lovely fishing village set among a large harbour. It is the perfect place to stop for a delectable meal of freshly caught seafood, all set among blue green waters and a bucolic landscape.

Kelifos Beach (Turtle island)

The name says it all: Kelifos Beach is a small uninhabited island in the Toroneos Gulf shaped just like a turtle. Take advantage of the calm crystalline waters and head for a swim or some adventurous scuba diving.

Embark on an unforgettable sailing in Halkidiki experience

A day at sea in Halkidiki is a remarkable journey for you to discover some of the brightest beaches, softest sands, and lush vegetation in the whole of the Mediterranean. With Allinblusive’s Halkidiki sailing cruises, you are guaranteed to experience the sailing holiday of your dreams with our excellently crafted itineraries and insider routes to some of Greece’s most stunning beaches.  From our expert crew, to modern and sleek sailing boats,  we offer the very best sojourn in the Aegean in all of Halkidki.

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