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After COVID-19 Social Distancing

sosial distancing

After COVID-19 Social Distancing

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We are introducing the soSEAl distancing the ideal gateway for isolation, privacy, safety and pleasure for the after COVID era.


2020 was a year milestone even before its arrival for several reasons. Still, upon its dawn, we all realized that this would be a real reference year!

The impact was vast and significant consequences hit vertical and horizontal all countries, economic classes and ages.

No matter (more or less) which county, neighbourhood and job you were working before this Coronavirus outbreak the impact was the same. Lockdown, death toll, daily cases, economic crisis, fear, mask, hand sanitizers are not new but modern and trendy words and hashtags.

The world community started an unbelievable run, a marathon. Still, in a sprint mode to protect the workforce, flatten the curve find the medicine and the hopeful vaccine.

Financially taking the trend line was deeply dropped, submerged creating a deep “valley of death”. Now a few days before of exiting the lockdown we must define the length and the shape of this valley. Will it be V, U or L shape macro and micro financially wise?

Undoubtedly human life is above all values, and the world community has proven it, putting the human life first among all other economic and religious values, but now it’s time to start talking about the next day.

Leisure is the essence of the whole life on this planet and the main characteristic of the human being, and tourism is the industry related to this unique human activity. Several sectors are involved and will transform; airlines, taxis, hotels, apartments, activities, tour guided tours, cruises, yachts and many more.

The after lockdown era will have a worldwide new social effect in everyday life; this is called Social Distancing, and in 2020 this is mandatory privacy.

We are (re)introducing the Yachting industry as the ultimate soSEAl distancing trend.

You don’t have to be a tycoon and super-rich to be isolated in your superyacht to be safe. Still, you can trust an industry that is practising the social distancing for many years, and it’s the ideal solution for safe holidays and activities.

The yachting industry in Greece is famous because of the gorgeous coastline and the 6000 islands – the Greek coastline is longer than India’s. Brazil’s with 115 m coastline per square kilometre or surface is 11th in the world ranking just a position behind China and holding about 25% of Europe’s coast and 10th in world’s rank related to countries island number).

Although Greece has 46 airports and 15 of them are international, it’s easily accessible by car. Other land means so you can arrive in efficiently and safely from the whole of Europe and then begin your soSEAl distancing holidays with the following options.

Day Private Cruise

If you stay in a resort, hotel, apartment choose a day cruise, with your family and friends, yachts are ideal for a day swim. Most companies offer snacks and drinks, the skipper and the crew experienced to sail you to really private best beaches. Even before the COVID days each yacht team was thoroughly cleaned yachts, people onboard are limited by the laws and usually no more ten, but on a private cruise, it will be only your friends and family.

Even a romantic drink or a birthday celebration onboard facing the Greek sunset is practising the social distancing better than a typical restaurant. The cruise cost varies depending on the size of the yacht and the duration of the trip. You can book such a cruise online directly or through popular OTAs

Yacht Charter

Arriving in Greece, choosing not to stay in a traditional land accommodation but chartering a yacht is the other option. You don’t need to have exclusive sailing license or skills as the most yachting companies offering an alternative to charter a yacht with a skilled and experienced skipper. Crew and chefs are also popular options, who will take care of all your procurements and daily menu. So for all the duration of your holidays the only you ll see is sea and sun. In this point, I ‘ll dare to say that it’s a form or holiday-mode quarantine but for leisure.

Will travel again

This summer, as there is an inconvenience regarding the leisure market, some guests cancelled or asked for a voucher. Now it’s the ideal time that makes an excellent opportunity for sea lovers and people that used to yachting or those trying it for the first time.

Most of the companies are making attractive offers for bookings by offering corporate responsibility offers, gift cards upgrades and special offers.

Its great opportunity to try yachting on a private cruise from few hours to several days, don’t cancel, reschedule and keep soSEAl distancing.

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Chris Kaliptsidis


President Professional Pleasure Yachts Owners Association