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A Romantic Escape by the Sea

Nice sunset from the beach

One day in Halkidiki is a treat for the eyes, but eight days suffice to get a good taste of region’s vibrancy and romantic sensation.

One hour away from Thessaloniki’s International Airport – Greece (SKG) is located a hot Mediterranean destination for demanding beach seekers, cuisine lovers AND romantic dreamers.


Begin your exploration in the traditional village of Afytos, an ideal place to take a small breakfast and walk in the stoned-paved streets. As you walk along, keep your eyes peeled for the local people’s warm welcome.

Twenty minutes close is located the famous Sani Resort voted in 2015 as one of the top 5 family resorts worldwide. Walk along the marina that combines luxury yachts, sophisticated restaurants & stores and beautiful green gardens.

Continue your exploration with a yacht cruise and discover some of the best-kept secrets of Halkidiki – it’s private beaches, accessible only by boat. Swimming under the hot sun, emotional music whispers from yacht’s speakers and an atmosphere of relaxation will embrace you.

Halkidiki’s cuisine is rich and delicious. Take your time to walk by the sea, and pick the best seat for the meal with your beloved mate. Discover the delights of the local cuisine and grab a chance of a seafood gastronomic experience combined with a glass of  white wine produced in one of the local vineyards.

After your delicious meal, will you be able to resist the temptation of taking a long leisurely stroll by the sea? Inevitably you will pass by a lounge beach bar and lie on a sun bed, enjoy a smooth fruit punch just in front of the wave.


As the sun goes down the sky is transformed into a colourful, nostalgic canvas mixed with blue, yellow and red shadows. That’s the right time to visit Villa Stasa – the ideal place for travelling back in time. Don’t miss the chance to follow the stairs driving to shore and relax in the water.

Last discovery, Porto Valitsa, an atmospheric place with a stunning sea view. Let yourself enjoy a drink and relax under the stars. You can even catch the stars in front of this fantastic scenery.

Happy Valentine’s Day!