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A day on sailing boat: Does this fit to me?

boat pictures collage

Let’s get to know what kind of sailing boat someone can sail on!

Boards are very popular for sailing near the beach as they combine surfing with sailing. There are different types of boards and sails depending on one’s body weight, height and strength. This is a one man’s show!

A dinghy is the smallest boat with a sail that you can try. It is 2-4 meters long and quite light weighted so that one can lift it out of the water after his/her sailing section. 1 or 2 people can fit on those. They are exciting and easy to handle.


Keelboats. These are bigger, heavier, and their length can vary from 5 to more than 30 metres! Depending on their size they can accommodate 3-20 people. In comparison with the dinghies, you have to be a licensed captain to sail a keelboat, but anyone can be a crew. It does not require any special knowledge; you just have to lend an ear to the captain.

A licensed skipper is needed for sailing a cruising multihull as well. Multihulls are the ones that have two till five hulls. They are called catamarans (2), trimarans (3), quadrimarans (4) and pentamarans (5) respectively. These are spacious inside and can reach very high speed.


Dinghies and boards are mostly used for racing, having fun for a day or …. fishing, while keelboats and multihulls are also used for cruising and night sailing.

The two last ones are like moving houses. You can find all amenities you need in those. They are supplied with nice and comfortable beds, toilets, showers, kitchen and living room.  Besides thought, sailors usually prefer staying outside, I mean on the deck, as the sailing boats offer open air dining, living and sleeping “rooms”.

So sailing is ideal for everyone!