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5 must – try Greek seafood dishes

collage of greek food pictures

Greece is surrounded by the Aegean and the Ionian Sea, so there is no excuse for refusing to try its delightful seafood dishes accompanied by some ouzo at your travel there.

Let me commence you into the Greek eating habits….

  • Spaghetti with lobster (astakomakaronada): Boiled lobster dives in a tomato sauce seasoned with Greek herbs and fits perfect on top of spaghetti which is boiled in the previously made lobster broth. Served with fresh basil.
  • Grilled octopus (psito chtapodi): Boil a fresh octopus without water (Yes! it contains enough water itself) till it gets soft. Then cut its tentacles one by one and grill it on a grill or pan just for about 3 minutes. Serve it with extra virgin olive oil, oregano and vinegar!!
  • Grilled sea bass (labraki psito): Cover a fresh sea bass with salt, pepper, some herbs and olive oil and grill it ideally on a coal grill! Grilled fishes’ best friend for Greeks is ladolemono, a dressing made
  • from lemon juice and olive oil and green salad.
  • Crispy fried squid (kalamarakia): Squids cut into small rings, covered with flour and fried in olive oil till they get golden and crispy make a so simple but delicious dish especially in summer. Use tzatziki as a dip!
  • Mussels (midia): Greek mussels are incomparably tasty. You can try them either steamed, as saganaki (like the shrimps before), with rice or spaghetti.  Pure some lemon juice on them.
  • Greek shrimp saganaki (garides saganaki): One of the most classic seafood dishes of the Greek cuisine. The shrimps after being sauteed in a pan with garlic, pepper and onion and “having drunk” some ouzo, they dive into a spicy tomato sauce and get boiled in medium fire. Accompanied perfectly with some feta cheese and a lot of bread! Yummie!!!

I got a bit hungry after writing all these and it is noon! The perfect time for me to go to George’s tavern for some meze and ouzo by the sea.