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10 tips for cheaper airplane tickets

airplane flying

Who doesn’t like surfing on holiday websites and imagining sunny beaches, clear water, luxurious villas, beautiful yachts, relaxation or partying? Even more, who doesn’t like arranging holidays and booking cheap tickets?

Here are some tips that increase your chances of booking cheaper airplane tickets.

1. Book at the right time

Lower rates usually appear 50 to 100 days prior departure, when it comes to domestic flights. If you want to book international ones, though, start looking about 6 months before!

2. Prefer flying on Tuesday or Wednesday

Tuesday and Wednesday are the less common travel days, as people prefer traveling either at the beginning of the week or the beginning of the weekend. The difference between a Tuesday and a Sunday flight is more or less £30 pounds but can reach £60.

3. Combine different airway companies

Search for all possible combinations of flights not only in the same company. Be flexible on time and day.

4. Make your search early in the morning

Although most of us have free time in the evening, the offers are normally released in the morning. So, your chances of catching an offer in the morning are much higher.

5. Travel at low season

Prefer to travel for example May, June, September or October to a summer destination like Greece. Same place, a lot lower pricing. When it comes to an international flight, consider both countries’ national holidays and avoid traveling right before or after them.

6. Prefer early morning flights

The pricing of early morning or late night flights is much lower. You have to sacrifice some sleep, but it’s worthy. More than that, you will have a whole free day to your destination without having to book somewhere to sleep.

7. Be aware of hidden costs

Read carefully the policies about the allowed dimension and weight of a hand luggage. Low-cost airlines are very strict on that and charge a lot for being overweight. Check also the cost of the extra luggage in case you are not a backpacker. Some airlines need you to pay for your luggage as you purchase your ticket.

8. Sign up for airfare alerts and track routes

Both airline companies and travel agencies send tempting offers via e-mails. You’ll get notified first and the seats are limited.

9. Register for Miles and Bonus cards

Most, if not all, airline companies award frequent travelers. Earn credits and cash them out for your next plane ticket.

10. Delete your browser’s cookies

Online companies save the cookies on your browser in order to observe your preferences. This is how they can send higher prices on your preferred destination.

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