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10 most wanted beaches of Halkidiki

Halkidiki beach

Halkidiki offers numerous beaches with crystal clear turquoise water, soft white sand and beautiful surroundings. Whether you are a partygoer or a calmer and relaxed type of person, here you will find everything you need. These are just some of the best beaches.

Sani: The white-sanded beach, the exotic coloured, warm water, the pine forest and the cosmopolitan private marina of Sani Resort make this one of the best beaches of Halkidiki.

Kriopigi: Fine sand and clear blue waters, water sports and beach bars! You have everything.

Posidi: The sandy beach of Posidi is located in front of the homonymous scenic village. A lighthouse on the beach makes this beach unique. You will understand its beauty only after your visit. (Photo on the right)

Peukoxori: A large, sandy and fully organized beach that hosts numerous visitors every summer day. Restaurants and taverns, bars and parties, watersports and sunbeds.

Siviri: a very large sandy beach just in front of a picturesque village.

Kavourotripes (the name means holes for crabs): This beach is hidden behind a pine forest. The white rocks and crystal water make it a must-visit place when you come to Halkidiki. There is also a place for nudism.

Armenistis: Thi broad, sandy beach is surrounded by beautiful pine trees and is the best place to go if you want to camp. Armenistis is also one of the best-organized camping sites in Greece.

Porto Koufo: this is one of the safest natural havens of Greece. Fresh fish is served daily in the small taverns by the sandy and fully organized beach. (Photo on the left)

Neos Marmaras: this is another great and sandy beach which is surrounded by trees. The beach bars and taverns by the sea can offer you delightful refreshments and drinks as well as delicious food. The small city of Neos Marmaras is nearby.

Alikes: is probably the best beach of Amouliani island, the only island of Halkidiki. It has a view of the second leg and plenty of nice, small taverns that serve delicious Greek food by the sea.

Can you choose only one? You don’t have to!

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